Calgary Heating:Setting the Optimum Water Heater Temperature and Avoiding Legionnaire’s Disease

Calgary Heating:Setting the Optimum Water Heater Temperature and Avoiding Legionnaire’s Disease

If you are not aware of the seriousness of Legionnaire’s disease, then you will be shocked to know that more than 10,000 people across North America fall prey to this disease every year, which can even cause death in extreme cases.

Legionnaire’s is caused by bacteria Legionella that that are found in water reservoirs, and other moist and warm places including air-conditioning systems. But most people catch it from hot water systems, as the bacteria can be transferred to your body when you take a bath.

Legionella perish in water temperatures exceeding 131 degrees Fahrenheit, but you cannot have a hot water bath at such a temperature without getting scalded severely. The maximum temperature of water that the human body can bear is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, most hot water heaters are not designed to heat water to such extreme temperatures, which leaves you in a tricky situation.

You need not worry as there is a simple solution to the problem – using thermostatic mixing valves that blend hot water and cold water to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, thus protecting you from Legionnaire’s as well as eliminating risks of scalding. This way, you can enjoy a hot, relaxing bath without ever having to worry about Legionella. However, you would need expert assistance to install such a system.

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