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John Fenning was knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Brad Bischoff
Brad B.
20:23 03 Jun 20
Jan 2020 both our hot water tank and furnace died. We had just bought the home a few months earlier, and didn't expect to replace so soon. I choose Clear View for my needs as they are a reputable company and I researched a few others. John from Clear View was our project manager from the start, and I must say he was always on top of it. He gave us 5 different quotes with the intro product up to the high end. After discussions with my gf /partner we decided to go big as we just invested into this new home. We added tank-less water heater, which I highly recommend, hi-end furnace, humidifier, soft water, and A/C. This was all pre-COVID-19. The install was within a day or 2 from us losing our old equipment and they had the furnace and water on within the last day of install. The cost may seem high at first, but we of course choose the monthly payments through the credit company they work with. As well it will increase your resale value, it's an investment. Along the way there were a few hiccups, but everything was addressed immediately. It was still too cold to install the A/C so we waited..... Then COVID-19 hit us all. I'm glad we had 90% complete before all that. The switch over to soft water was amazing, better on your skin and even the dishwasher and washing machine have better cleaning ability, as Calgary has 1 of the hardest waters around. And yes, I suggest connecting to your kitchen, no salt taste at all, nothing. As the months dragged by during quarantine, we all enjoyed the new system. Have a bath in the luxury soaker tub, run laundry and dishwasher all at the same time and the tankless system keeps up. During these months we saw a huge reduction in water consumption and gas use. This is due to the fact there are no pilot lights constantly lite, which wastes gas. Finally, last week the A/C was completed and that was a long awaited addition and enjoyed by us. Every one at Clear View was fabulous, from John the to installer Julian, office worker Jennifer, she's a WOW, and Derek, manager. Thank you all at Clear View for your attention to detail and professionalism.VW
Vance Walker
Vance W.
17:12 03 Jun 20
Nick was very polite and my two year old granddaughter took to him. Nick explained what he was going to do to her and she listened. It is a relief to have clean pipes and we will pour boiling water down every two months
18:43 01 Jun 20
Charlotte Moller
Charlotte M.
16:25 30 May 20
John was great, detailed and professional
Cindy Syme
Cindy S.
23:55 29 May 20
Heinz showed up at the time he sent by text message. Went down and checked the furnace, then got his tools . He did a diagnostic, then explained our options. We told him what option we wanted, he then went and got the parts we needed. He checked around before leaving and found other problems. Listed them and gave us a quote on each. Left the area clean and left. One of the polities service tech I have ever met. Thanks Heinz, great job.
Lyle French
Lyle F.
17:08 29 May 20
Yamil is the BEST! Yesterday was very stressful as we woke up to a flood coming from under our kitchen sink. Yamil arrived quickly and got everything fixed right up. Fantastic and knowledgeable service.
Traci Akierman
Traci A.
19:56 28 May 20
Khaled Chaabani
Khaled C.
05:38 28 May 20
Great service and covid safe work from Rob and Kyle in finishing my furnace installThanks!
Robert Smith
Robert S.
19:10 27 May 20
Nick was good at explaining the situation
tak sugawara
tak S.
19:00 27 May 20
I had a good experience with the operator to initiate our service call. Was followed with Nick as our tech and he was awesome! Arrived on time, advised of his arrival time in advance. He was professional, clean and performed his work without disruption. Nick was thorough in his communication, walked us through the pricing options and explained what factors determine the quoted pricing. He ensured everything was in order before departing and left us with a happy result to our tub drain issue.Highly recommend Nick and the Clearview team anytime!
Nick B
Nick B
16:51 27 May 20
I would highly recommend Clearview plumbing. My sump pump failed in the basement and needed an emergency after hours service. After reading reviews on google I went with clear view. They were prompt with their service. I was told when the tech Yamil was leaving the other job and that he would be at my place in 30 mins from then. He was there in 30 mins. Yamil was an awesome guy. He put my mind at ease and said he wouldn't leave the job until it was done. He knew right away that the pump was toast and since it was starting to back up into the basement he went to different suppliers to get the pump that I needed. He even made sure that he had a few extra parts just in case. He completed the job and for the price I was quoted even with some extra time. He prevented it from backing up into the basement just in time. Very impressed with Yamil and the service from Clearview. Would definitely use them again should the need arise. Would recommend them to anyone that needs a plumber.
Jay K
Jay K
18:45 25 May 20
My wife and I truly appreciate the professionalism and quality of work exhibited by Yamil. He did a wonderful job for us and answered any questions we had about the work he did. He did a 5 Star job on our sump pump issue and would not hesitate at all to use him in the future.
David Battilana
David B.
15:38 24 May 20
Richard did a great job, clean and professional.
David Cressy
David C.
15:24 24 May 20
Floyd Dixon
Floyd D.
19:55 22 May 20
Heinz really went the extra mile for us. Much appreciated.
Herman Van Reekum
Herman Van R.
18:25 22 May 20
Richard was super friendly and professional throughout the process of fixing a leak. He took his time to diagnose the problem, and gave three viable options to consider.
Ben Lee
Ben L.
17:00 22 May 20
We discovered a sump pump failure this morning that led to flooding in the basement of our church. At about 11:00 AM we contacted Clearview. Richard was there within an hour, checked out our pump, and then quoted a price for a replacement pump, giving several options. Less than an hour later the new pump was in place and working well. A great experience.
Eric Leavitt
Eric L.
01:08 22 May 20
Lorraine Vriends
Lorraine V.
23:02 21 May 20
Christopher Brown
Christopher B.
23:00 21 May 20
My daughter and I are sharing this views (as I was off-site working) of the Plumber sent to us to do plumbing service and he is Nick Haldemann. He explained well all options and thoroughly gave me the highest consideration. My daughter had high regards for his professionalism and complete understanding. His Manager Derek did the same level of consideration as we were honest of our situation. The workmanship was superb and he responded to all our questions. I will keep my plumbing/heating plan with Clearview for many more years as it works well and pays off. THANK YOU Nick and Derek. Thanks for your understanding. Stay safe... and yes, thanks for keeping the safety above all.
Tatsky Gascon
Tatsky G.
22:08 21 May 20
Richard was efficient, worked quickly and was very considerate in keeping the mess that might have occurred to a minimum. He was friendly and explained how the procedure would be handled and the results that could be expected. Nick Haldeman was here the day before and like Richard handled his work capably and professionally
Howard D Scott
Howard D S.
21:31 21 May 20
Rochelle Delos Reyes
Rochelle Delos R.
19:29 21 May 20
Dolores Sweany
Dolores S.
00:40 21 May 20
Larry Giroux
Larry G.
21:38 20 May 20
My water tank "tanked" and I was very impressed by the response and safety during Covid
Kathryn Birks
Kathryn B.
00:08 20 May 20
HayLex Arishenkoff
HayLex A.
21:54 19 May 20
Steph Enoh
Steph E.
21:46 16 May 20
John was friendly and fantastic. We will be using our furnace with pleasure and I'm almost excited to clean the filter for the first time. Fast, on time and efficient. Highly recommend John.
Jennifer Gutierrez
Jennifer G.
15:39 15 May 20
Yamil and Clearview were exceptional to deal with, did thorough work in a very timely manner. Professional team, highly recommended.
Susan Hopkin
Susan H.
23:57 14 May 20
00:40 14 May 20
robert dorenberg
robert D.
16:14 13 May 20
Sarah Moore
Sarah M.
20:38 11 May 20
Customer service is great!customers seemed to be generally happy, will use them again
Keshia Marie
Keshia M.
16:41 11 May 20
Pamela Malec
Pamela M.
20:00 08 May 20
Nice people, very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended
Marc FitzGerald
Marc F.
17:35 07 May 20
Syl and Glenn Mortensen
Syl and Glenn M.
22:02 05 May 20
Gerry was very thorough and informative.ThanksDr. Miles Kody was did very wellJohn also did really well and fixed my furnaceYamil did really well and fixed my ro system.
Dr. J. J. Miles
Dr. J. J. M.
20:22 02 May 20
Very professional and timely service. Diagnosed and fixed our issue perfectly on a Friday evening all in one visit. Very friendly and courteous. I will return for future business and would recommend ClearView to others. Yamil was fantastic!
02:35 02 May 20
The service was fantastic. The installer did a great job and was very pleasant.
Maryann Chase
Maryann C.
23:52 01 May 20
Eric Tom
Eric T.
14:39 01 May 20
Geoff Bury
Geoff B.
18:46 29 Apr 20
I had a sewer pipe liner and backwater valve installed. Jon did a great job walking me through the quote and the work. Yamil, Nick and Jon did a fantastic job executing the work and didn't leave a mess. They were very professional and respectful. Work was clean. They were more than willing to talk me through and explain what they were doing. I also had quite a few questions that they answered and helped with. I would recommend this crew to anyone.
Serge Laforest
Serge L.
03:13 26 Apr 20
This was my first time with this company, and I can gladly say that I have never been more impressed by the quality of a plumbing service. Nick was the expert that was dispatched to my residence and he arrived on perfect time. He quickly assessed the situation and was really informative on what my options were. Overall, 10/10 service and would highly recommend and will definitely be calling back if I ever need assistance.
jackson grewal
jackson G.
04:51 25 Apr 20
Abby Miller
Abby M.
13:31 23 Apr 20
Patti van Zeyl
Patti van Z.
03:12 23 Apr 20
Just fantastic. I had a great experience.
Kevin Legare
Kevin L.
00:42 23 Apr 20
Wayne was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. He diagnosed the problem directly and presented us a number of solutions to pick from. The problem is fixed and we're very happy with the results.Clearview had someone out to us within an hour of calling and had all the protective gear necessary to limit risk if you're concerned about covid, including gloves and a mask.Would definately do business with them again in the future. Thanks Wayne!
Scott Gregory
Scott G.
00:27 23 Apr 20
Last week I woke up to a burst hope water pipe! Panicking, I called ClearView, and Wayne immediately put me at ease. He was very thorough in his inspection and recommendations. He fixed my problem immediately, and the price was not as much as I had originally thought. I have some more plumbing fixes required, nothing of immediate concern, but I will not hesitate to call them again. Well done!
Elisabeth Ragan
Elisabeth R.
20:54 22 Apr 20
The management were very responsive to my concerns on options that I needed to consider and demonstrated flexibility and professional support in reaching an optimum solution.
Mark du Preez
Mark du P.
16:50 22 Apr 20

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Fast Friendly efficient and a great price.

Review of ClearView Services

Hot water tank was spewing rusty water and called Clear view for advice. Person on phone was helpful and friendly. Service Tech was more than prompt arriving within an hour, friendly, conscious of distancing and prepared a quote promptly with several options. Pricing was great and Yamil proceeded to install the new tank at a great price. Was done quickly and cleaned up work in a conscientious manner. Highly recommended, Thank you for your excellent employees.

Map of Calgary, AB

The staff on the phone were excellent. The service man was very, very nice. However, he did not do install.

Review of ClearView Services

I booked service to have new tap installed, which I bought. Service man was to come Wednesday morning. KIm called to rebook to Wednesday afternoon. I had a doctors appt. but my husband came home early from golf so he could be at home Wednesday afternoon. He got a phone call saying there was a problem and no one could come Wednesday afternoon. Serviceman came Thursday morning. Looked at the situation and gave us a quote of approximately $530 (gasp) to install the tap. We said no as the tap (Moen) was only $270. He left. We phoned 2 other companies and called one of them and he did the job for $227.00. One other company gave us a similar quote. I asked Kim for a ballpark figure for installing the tap. She would not give me a cost. Both other companies we contacted gave us an approximate quote on phone.

Map of Calgary, AB

Very prompt excellent service

Review of ClearView Services

Clear view responded right away when I had a problem. Tamil did excellent work and even fixed another non-emergency problem

Map of Calgary, AB

Excellent serviceYamit

Review of ClearView Services

Tamil was clear about what needed to be done and took the time to answer my questions. He was polite and professional and when some cupboards needed moving for the job, he went above and moved them out to the garage for me. Also would like to say that having a picture of who to expect was appreciated.

Map of Calgary, AB

Great Service!

Review of ClearView Services

Map of Calgary, AB

Efficient and professional as always.

Review of ClearView Services

Map of Calgary, AB

Excellent service!

Review of ClearView Services

Map of Calgary, AB

Awesome service

Review of ClearView Services

John was very professional thorough Enjoyed meeting him

Map of Calgary, AB

kwick responce, great service and professional technician

Review of ClearView Services

Very impressed with their service to the point of signing up for their yearly inspection offer.

Map of Calgary, AB

Great Service, friendly and professional!

Review of ClearView Services

Yamil P.

Yamil P.

Hose bibs leaking

Near Lathom Crescent SW, Calgary, AB T3E 5
Justin S.

Justin S.

Tech returned today to install new tankless hot water system with water softener. Tech removed old hot water tank. And installed tankless unit ran new venting out the side of the house in 3” 636, ran new water lines and gas line. New service valves for tankless unit. Tech installed new water softener with new bypass tree, dual check valve, expansion tank. Tested for leaks no leaks found, 5 years warranty on tankless and water softener, client is happy 10/10

Near Martindale Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 2
Yamil P.

Yamil P.

This call is in the chaparral Community,Water Pressure in the house is at 90 psi,Hwt 55 gal is over 10 years old is leaking from the bottom of the tank ,Job to do Remove old Hwt ,Supply and all natal new hwt 50 gal ,Supply and install new shutoff valve on the hwt ,Supply and install new humidifier valve on the hwt ,Supply and install new hot and cold water line connections on the hwt,Complete installation remove old hwt from the job side ,Customer have been informed about the water pressure in the house being to high is at 90 psi,Customer will like to wait and do it another time ,customer will contact clearview for the work needed.Customer Ratting from 1/10 Customer Ratting is 10,Customers is happy and satisfied with the service.

Near Chaparral Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3
Joshua K.

Joshua K.

Called out to Jodys home. Had to pull toilet due to blockage. Found a deodorant container. Toilet reset, no leaks. Customer is happy.

Near 16 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 7
Yamil P.

Yamil P.

Hwt leakiing from the bottom

Near Chaparral Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3
Heinz B.

Heinz B.

Another awesome install for new endless hot water tankless system with water softener in martindale Calgary

Near Martindale Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 2
Calgary, AB - Another awesome install for new endless hot water tankless system with water softener in martindale Calgary
John F.

John F.

Anil has explained that the upper underfloor heating loop is not working. This loop never had control and was set to manually open so it runs when the other underslab loops call for heat. Today I found it was closed. I have showed and explained the system to Anil and he is happy. He knows how to adjust the valve should he need to.

Near Lynx Meadows Dr, Calgary, AB T3L 2
Yamil P.

Yamil P.

Hwt leaking

Near Chaparral Link SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3
Yamil P.

Yamil P.

This call is in the Lake View Community Water pressure in the house is at 85 PSI,hwt 40 gal Power Venting is about 4 month old,The relief valve on the hwt is leaking ,water pressure in the home is to high needs to be reduced to prevent any water leak .Job to do Remove cabinet from the wall in basement room to have access to the main water line ,Remove panel on the wall ,Supply and install new PRV(Pressure Reducing Valve) on Main water line to reduce the water pressure in the house,Water Pressure is now at 50 psi,Complete installation ,Reset back cabinet on the wall for the customer.Apply Auger Machine basement bathroom sink to remove blockage from drain line ,Bathroom sink is draining at this time for nowBlockage appears to be hair in the drain line ,No warranty for draining,Customer Ratting from 1/10 Customer Ratting is 10,Customer is happy and satisfied with the service.

Near 14a St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3
Yamil P.

Yamil P.

Hwt leaking,basement bathroom sink drain cleaning

Near 15 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4

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