Calgary Plumbing: Preparing for Severe Storms

Calgary Plumbing: Preparing for Severe Storms

No one likes to hear the weather forecast when it calls for bad weather and severe storms. Severe storms cause a sense of fearfulness and hopelessness in most of us, and we are left only with our prayers that the storm will pass without wreaking serious havoc and causing a lot of damage.

The impact of severe weather can be catastrophic, especially for those who do not the proper precautions beforehand. Preparing for severe storms means not only protecting the things that you own, but protecting the people that you love from harm as well.

The biggest danger with summer weather is thunderstorms that can generate deadly tornados, or, in milder storms, cause damage from hail, heavy rain, high winds, and lightning. In many areas of the country, severe storms are the rule rather than the exception. Knowledge is power when it comes to being ready for severe weather when it hits – and the following tips will help you to keep your home, family, and possessions secure no matter what the weather.

  • Lightning. Lighting is one of the biggest dangers of severe weather and thunderstorms. And even though you may feel like you are protected from lightning as long as you are tucked inside your home, which is not always the case. People are injured every year during lightning strikes when they are talking on a wired telephone or taking a bath or shower. Electricity can be carried through the wires of your home and into any phone that is plugged into a wall, and lightning can also travel through your home’s plumbing system. Both can have deadly results. Prevention is the key here; stay out of the tub and off any corded phones during a thunderstorm.
  • Electrical spikes caused by lightning during severe weather can also damage any electrical appliances, computers, and televisions that are not plugged into a surge protector. Surge protectors cost less than ten dollars and are easy to use – making them a wise investment. Consider a surge suppressor that works to cover the entire house.
  • Flooding. Flooding during severe thunderstorms can also be dangerous and damaging, causing death and destruction for those who are ill-prepared. While there is little that can be done to prevent flooding, you can better prepare for the possibility by investing in a sump pump for the basement that will begin pumping water out to limit damage from flooding. If your home does become flooded, be sure to shut the power off to the home at the main switch. Many people die from electrocution when they fail to do this.
  • Wind. High winds can be devastatingly deadly. Be sure to move to the basement of your home when high winds threaten, or if you don’t have a basement, go to the center of the home, preferably a bathroom or under a heavy piece of furniture. Stay away from windows that can shatter in high winds. Prepare the area outside of your home for high winds by tying down anything that might blow away, like trampolines or lawn furniture. And remember that it does not have to be a tornado to be deadly; some of the worst damage from thunderstorms comes by the way of “straight line winds” without any funnel action.

When the Storm Passes

After apparent perils have passed, there are still some issues of safety and comfort that you will need to be concerned with. If you have lost power, you will likely be wishing that you had the forethought to purchase a portable generator. If you live in an area of the country where there is frequent storm activity, a portable generator is a wise choice.

If you have lost power to your home during a storm, be sure to unplug all of your appliances that are not protected by a surge protector. This will protect them from damage when the power is turned back on.

Check that lightning, wind, or rising water has not caused damage to your utilities. Check in and around your home for fire.

Inspect your central air conditioning system to be certain that it has not become damaged from flying debris during the storm. If you suspect damage to the unit, it is best to have a qualified technician to check the system prior to turning it back on to avoid further damage.

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