Water Conservation

Closely monitor your water usage for even one day and you will realize that using water wisely will reduce your water costs, not to mention extend the life of the existing water supply and waste treatment facilities.

Water conservation simply means reducing the amount of water we waste. By using the following tips, a typical household can cut water consumption by 35% or more:

• Adapt or replace older water-using appliances or fixtures with one of the many water efficient devices available.
• Replacing an 18-litre per flush toilet with an ultra-low volume six-litre flush model represents a 70% savings in water flushed and will cut indoor use by about 30%.
• If you cannot afford or do not wish to replace the current toilet fixture in place, there are many toilet adaptations you can install in the tank of an existing toilet to reduce the amount of water used in a flush cycle. For example, installing a water dam will save about five litres per flush.
• Conventional showerheads have flow rates up to 15 to 20 litres per minute. By installing a low-flow showerhead, you can reduce that flow by half and still provide a powerful stream of water.

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