Calgary Plumbing: Kick Your Old Water Heater to the Curb

Calgary Plumbing: Kick Your Old Water Heater to the Curb

Tired of experiencing shower shock? Then join the growing number of homeowners who are kicking their old, tank-style water heaters to the curb and growing fond of new tankless hot water heater models. Traditional water heaters have had their day in court and been found guilty of wasting energy and being less functional than the sleeker, more environmentally-friendly tankless style water heater that heats water on demand and sustains that water at a constant temperature for even the longest of showers. With a traditional water heater, you pay to heat gallons and gallons of water, even when you are not at home and not using water. In fact, if you were to leave your home and stay gone for a month, your traditional water heater would still be hard at work, keeping your family’s water piping hot and ready for you whenever you decide to return – and all the while eating a hole in your wallet! But get in the shower and stay for a long time and you may be in for a cold surprise when the hot water runs out. Not so with a tankless hot water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters Heat Water Instantly

Tankless hot water heaters operate on a simple premise: you only need water to be heated when you need water! This ingenious design is revolutionizing the plumbing industry. The electric tankless hot water heater is typically a small unit that hangs on the side of the home and that is preset to a predetermined temperature. When you turn on the tap, a device inside the heater is activated by the water’s flow, which triggers it to be instantly heated. Thus, water is heated only as it is required. You never pay to heat water that is left on standby like you do with a traditional heater, which is expensive and requires constant heating and reheating, even if you are in the Bahamas. Because the electric tankless water heater (there are also gas models available) does not have to heat and reheat water, your energy bills will be reduced if you elect to install this type of water heater in your home. The tankless water heater works only when you need it to, saving you from twenty to an amazing fifty percent on your energy bills, eventually leading to the water heater paying for itself.

Other Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

But the rewards do not stop there. The tankless water heater also saves space, unlike the bulky traditional water heater that takes up lots of room. The tankless heater is compact, small, and usually installed in an out of the way area. The tankless water heater may be the last water heater you will ever buy because most of them come with a lifetime warranty. The average traditional water heater lasts twenty years or less before becoming landfill fodder and requiring a replacement. There is no risk of springing a costly leak with a tankless heater as they do not have a storage tank that is susceptible to seeping. And since the tankless heater allows you to conserve both energy and water, they are a big weapon in the fight to save our planet for future generations.

So if you are tired of paying a high energy bill every month or relighting the pilot light on your traditional gas water heater, or if you have grown weary of shower shock when your traditional water heater runs out of hot water, then the tankless water heater is the perfect solution for you.


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