Repairing Or Replacing A Leaky or Broken Sink Will Do More Than Save You Money.

Sinks can crack, erode, or simply need replacement for many reasons. Maybe the gaskets are worn out, or the fittings might be loose. It is possible that the sink or drainage pipes were never fitted or installed properly. Or, maybe you have decided that it is just time for a kitchen or bathroom makeover.

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Once a sink starts leaking it is best to have it repaired or replaced immediately. A leaking sink could be as bad as a leaking faucet and it can allow water to escape into your walls, and drip onto whatever is beneath the sink, causing rotting and water damage to ceilings, floors, walls, cupboards, and even seeping into basements, adding to the problem of moisture buildup.

Damage From Dripping or Leaking Sinks Can Extend To More Than Just A Little Water Damage

Water dripping from a sink can create an atmosphere where mold and rotting can fill your walls and ceiling, circulating throughout your house, and may cause some pretty miserable health problems.

By the time you notice a problem, there may already be damage, so it is best to call us immediately so that we can limit the damage and repair or replace your sink right away.

If you experience any problems with sinks leaking or clogged drains, call ClearView – Calgary’s Leading Plumber at 403-220-0090

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