Calgary Heating & Air-conditioning: Purchasing a Vehicle is not like Purchasing a Home Comfort System

Calgary Heating & Air-conditioning: Purchasing a Vehicle is not like Purchasing a Home Comfort System

It’s vital when purchasing a new heating system or air conditioning system for your home that you are confident in the contractor you choose. The contractor is essential because these heating and cooling systems are field engineered and put together by the contractor.

Purchasing heating for your home is not like purchasing an appliance in that it’s not as simple as plug in and go. These systems are custom designed for your house specifically, and the contractor is in charge of putting together your system, selecting the components, and installing it in your home. Until it’s actually assembled and installed, the heating and air systems for your home are simply a pile of pieces.

If cars were put together like heating systems are:

Imagine putting a car together in the same way that you would an air conditioner. The dealer would go through a list of manufacturers looking for parts like engines, drive trains, and spark plugs. That same dealer would be the one putting the entire car together, and he would be ultimately responsible for being sure that everything worked together.

The dealer would also end up putting together some of their own parts, perhaps creating their own parts from metal pieces.

The Quality of the product would show through

Although the automobile dealer would state that they offer genuine engines, the quality of this put together car would be miles off from what the consumer is normally used to. Certain car dealers would insist on quality product and provide a well-put together car. Some might try to cut corners for a better price. The quality would vary widely from each dealer.

What you see is not always what you get

Consider this: You are buying a car and you ask for a SUV. Unbeknownst to you, the dealer only knows how to deliver a small economy car. You believe you are buying an SUV, but you aren’t getting what you asked for. Unless you really know your vehicles, you may never know that you are only getting the economy version of what you asked for.

The car would be garage assembled

When your car is delivered to you home, it would be in hundreds of pieces that would require assembly in your driveway. If the dealer isn’t an expert in putting the car together, you may end up with as subpar product.

You’re investing a lot of money in something where the bottom line comes down to the skill of the assemblers. It’s scary, but just a couple of dollars per hour can make the difference between an expert and a hack.

Warranties Depend on the Dealer

If the only regulations for a dealer is licensing and complying with codes, these conditions are easily met for almost any business. These businesses would open and close overnight, with one out of five closing every year and leaving the customer without a warranty. Although the parts may be under warranty with the individual manufacturers, the labor is entirely dependent on the dealer.

It is the dealer that matters most

If you bought your car in the same way you bought your heating or air conditioner, you would be sure to select a reputable HVAC dealer and accept his warranty and recommendation for the entire car, just like your heating contractor.

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