Calgary Heating: Insulate Your House to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Calgary Heating: Insulate Your House to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Rising electricity bills have forced people to resort to various techniques of energy conservation. A common cause of heat loss that often goes unnoticed in most houses is poor insulation. Simple improvements in insulation can have a major impact on your electricity bills without having to resort to expensive techniques. In fact, a properly insulated house can save you hundreds of dollars every year. According to estimates, more than three fourths of old houses are poorly insulated.

The most common insulators used in an average house include blankets, insulation panels and loose fill. However, these insulators not just lack in efficiency, they also harm the environment. An effective solution to this problem has been provided by cellulose based alternatives, which are renewable and environment friendly.

If you have a good idea of how insulation is installed, you can start off by sealing larger gaps in your house, including areas near the furnace, pipes, light fixtures, ducts, and chimneys. Then you can add insulation on the attic floor joist and hatch. Last but not the least, insulate the ceilings of the basement if it is not being heated, and if the basement is covered by the heating system, then seal leaks in the walls. You also need to take care of the unvented crawl spaces to trap as much heat as possible.

Remember that you should not try to change or repair the insulation on your own if you don’t know what you are doing, as it will not only be inconvenient, it would also lead to poor insulation. Always seek professional advice in that case.

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