Calgary Plumbing:How to Solve the Problem of Low Pressure in Shower Head

Calgary Plumbing:How to Solve the Problem of Low Pressure in Shower Head

So, you get back home after a tiring, long day at work and all that you need is a steaming hot shower to relax all your strained nerves. You enter the bathroom excitedly only to find that the bad day hasn’t yet come to an end yet. The shower head has very low pressure; too low to enjoy a good hot shower.

Well, obviously, your evening is spoilt and you might have to wait until the plumber fixes it up the following day. However, what if you could fix it on your own?! Yes, it’s possible. Let’s look at some of the handy techniques that can help you fix this low pressure problem yourself.

So, How to fix the problem of low pressure in shower?

Before delving into the techniques for solving the low pressure shower problem, let us look at some root causes which make it happen. One of the main reasons why water might flow at low pressure from the shower head could be the inbuilt design that limits pressure, mainly to limit the flow of water and save on water bills. There could be other reasons as well. Let’s discuss some of them as follows:

Check the water pressure setting at the main water line:

In case the low water pressure problem is not only in the shower head, but also in other fixtures and it has been there for quite some time, check the water flow volume settings at the main water line. The flow may have been set to low. Changing the flow volume will instantly solve the problem.

Get rid of the flow constrictor:

Most of the shower heads manufactured nowadays come fitted with a plastic device known as flow constrictor. The function of this device is to reduce the pressure of the water flow. So all you need to do is remove this flow constrictor and you’ll have the normal water supply thereafter. You can avoid such problems beforehand by making sure that you buy a shower head that doesn’t have a flow constrictor fitted inside it.

Clean up the clogs in the shower head:

If the water pressure problem persists even after removing the flow constrictor, you will need to properly clean the shower head from inside and open up all the blocked perforations. This will definitely restore the water pressure back to normal. In order to remove the clogs, remove the shower head and thoroughly clean any depositions that are blocking the water flow, with the help of vinegar and a wire brush. Ensure that every hole is cleaned out properly.

Replace the shower head: If none of the above techniques work, replace the problematic shower head with a new high pressure shower head. There are many good brands of shower heads available in the marketplace. Opt for the one that suits your needs and bathroom design the best.

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