How to Extend the Life of Your Furnace – Air Cleaner Installation

A furnace-mounted air cleaner can improve the efficiency of your furnace and/or air conditioner. The air cleaners are mounted on the return air side of the furnace so the air entering your furnace will be cleaner.

The air cleaner can keep the heat exchanger and air conditioner evaporator coils cleaner, so they can transfer heat more efficiently. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the air cleaner elements so that the air flow isn’t impeded.

Both the electronic and the electrostatic air cleaner work on the same principle. As the dirty air enters the air cleaner, the dirt particles are given a negative charge. The second stage filter inside the air cleaner has a positive charge, so the particles stick to it. The final stage has a negative charge to repel back any particles that got through.

The basic difference between an electronic and a self-charging electrostatic air cleaner is the way in which the electrical charges are created. In an electronic unit, electricity is used to induce the charges, so it must be wired into your furnace’s electrical system.

An electrostatic air cleaner uses special polymer materials that develop their own electrical charge as the air passes through them. This is similar to the static charge built up on your comb when you run it through your hair. Therefore, you don’t need any electrical wiring, and no electricity is used.

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