Calgary Plumbing: How Did Your Hose Bibs Survive the Winter?

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Calgary Plumbing: How Did Your Hose Bibs Survive the Winter? 

People in Calgary area must keep in mind that they winterize their exterior hose bibs prior to the start of freezing winter weather else it might lead to pipe bursts. It is a simple task that homeowners can perform themselves. You must keep in mind that frost free hose bibs also need to be winterized. Not doing so can lead to significant water damages in the interiors of your basement.

So what is a hose bib?

Most Canadians recognize hose bibs as spigots or exterior faucets. Simply put, it is a valve which controls the water supply from your home to a garden hose. As most of these faucets are in the exteriors of the homes, it is important to prevent them from freezing, which can lead to bursting of pipes in extreme weather conditions.

Although there are many so-called frost-free hose bibs that have been around in the market for a long time now, these units are not completely flawless. No doubt such hose bibs significantly reduce the risk of pipe bursts caused due to freezing temperatures, they too need the same kind of winterization as required by standard hose bibs.

For this article let us assume that you have frost free hose bib at your home, as this is the most common type installed in homes nowadays. However, regardless of the type of hose bib you have, the procedure of winterization remains the same, though it becomes more crucial in case of old hose bibs with no frost protection at all.

You must be wondering, why you should winterize your frost free hose bib when it was designed to protect your pipes from freezing in the first place. To understand this, let us throw some light on the working of a frost free hose bib and how they too are prone to failure.

Unlike as in the case of a standard hose bib, wherein the water shutoff valve is situated close to the handle, a frost free hose bib has its valve around 10 to 12 inches towards the inside pipe of the line of water supply. The reason behind such placement towards the interior wall of the building is to prevent it from freezing.

Therefore, in this case when you turn the hose bib handle, rather than directly turning the water shutoff valve, you instead make a shaft running inside the water supply pipe to turn. If the hose bib is installed properly it will never allow the water to remain in the device, thereby negating any chance of freezing, pipe ruptures or pressure buildup.

So why do Hose Bib’s fail?

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