Home Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Not Enough to Provide 100% Protection

Did you know that the typical home device for carbon monoxide detection (CO) is not designed to be your only form of protection against deadly carbon monoxide emissions?

Your average home unit should be considered as your family’s very last resort warning only.

It is simply not sensitive enough to ensure early detection of CO. Also, home units will not provide an even coverage of protection throughout your home.

An annual furnace inspection, which the professionals at ClearView will prearrange at the convenience of your schedule, will include several CO tests that will be 10 x or more effective than your typical home carbon monoxide detection kit.

Our experienced technicians are trained and skilled at a variety of CO test methods and come to your home equipped with only the most sophisticated and sensitive CO detection technology.

While we are there, we inspect your furnace for other potentially hazardous situations as well.

We search for, holes, cracks, stress, moisture build up and every problem your family’s furnace can face. In other words, we perform the exact same annual inspection for you as we do for our own families.

Don’t rely on a gadget when it comes to protecting your family from fatal carbon monoxide emissions.

There is a reason why furnace manufacturers STRONGLY recommend an annual inspection.

Call ClearView Heating & Plumbing today and get our family treatment. Or visit our website for more info on carbon monoxide testing in Calgary.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

We conduct carbon monoxide tests with just about every service call to ensure there are no dangerous leaks to compromise the health of your family.

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