Green Plumbing Choice: Dual Flush Toilet

More and more homeowners are going for the dual flush toilet when they are looking to make “green”, environmentally-friendly upgrades to the modern home. The dual flush toilet, as the name suggests, gives you the option of choosing from two different flushing modes, depending on what type of “material” you are trying to flush. Simply put, it takes much less water to flush away liquids than it does solids, so it makes sense to use a low-volume flush sometimes and a high-volume flush at other times. Dual flush toilets will cut the usage of water for toileting purposes which not only saves money on the water bill, but cuts down on the use of a precious natural resource as well.

Dual Flush Toilets – Required in Some Places!

Although one might not consider that the dual flush toilet can actually save a significant amount of water to make the installation of one a wise investment, the truth is that studies of this type of toilet have shown that the dual flush toilet can reduce the use of water for toileting by as much as sixty-seven percent in some households. In fact, because there is such a high level of water conservation to be reaped through the installation of the dual flush toilet, the country of Australia (which is in an ongoing draught situation) has passed legislation that required that all new toilets installed within the country are dual flush. There are also some drought-stricken areas of the U.S. where similar statutes have been passed in order to conserve water. Although the dual flush toilet has not been on the market that long (a little over ten years), they are destined to become more and more prevalent as the world’s becomes more environmentally-conscious of their consumption of natural resources.

Stylish Options

Other than the water saving capacity of the dual flush toilet, another big advantage to installing this type of toilet is that they are designed with innovation in mind, and they are available in many attractive models. This is a relatively new product to today’s market, and the market is thus very competitive with companies competing to make their models as visually pleasing, comfortable, and easy to use as possible to attract customers. Newest models of the dual flush toilets feature two buttons (one for low volume and one for high volume flushing) which is a bit of an upgrade over the styles that come with a push or pull handle.

The one big disadvantage to the dual flush toilet is the more advanced requirements for installation that are usually not within the realm of the average do-it-yourself homeowner. Most homeowners will need to call out a professional plumber to ensure that the toilet is properly installed, which can add to the cost of installation. There are, however, many guides available online, and each dual flush toilet will be packaged with installation instructions. Regardless of the added cost for professional installation, the dual flush toilet is a great option for areas of the country where there are chronic water shortages and for anyone who wants to make a difference in the condition of the planet by making wise use of its resources.

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