Calgary Heating: Ghosts or Deadly Emissions?

Vaporous apparitions, disembodied voices & sounds, and a general feeling of dread in certain areas of your home. These are the classic signs of a haunted house – or a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to all of the phenomena that are commonly believed to be signs of a haunting. However, people become convinced that they are being visited by long-dead relatives or the previous occupants of a home and it never occurs to them that what they are experiencing is often the sign that they have been inhaling a toxic and odourless gas called carbon monoxide.

So, if you believe your home is being invaded by visitors from the netherworld, you could be right.

However, in the interest of safety, you should have your home checked out by a qualified plumber. They have the ability to do a carbon monoxide test your home for deadly carbon monoxide leaks and find the source. Calling a plumber can prevent you from becoming a ghost yourself.

Clearview Plumbing and Heating is a Calgary Plumbing and Heating company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which is available round the clock to carry out any type of Calgary Plumbing or Heating job.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

We conduct carbon monoxide tests with just about every service call to ensure there are no dangerous leaks to compromise the health of your family.

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