Calgary Heating: Different Types of Home Heaters

Different Types of Home Heaters

Calgary Heating: Different Types of Home Heaters

Hi there, it’s Kyle from Clearview Plumbing and Heating.  We here at Clearview Plumbing and Heating deal largely in forced air furnaces, but there are other kinds of heating units out there too! We’re going to briefly look at all the different kinds of heating systems you may run across in your life.

Forced Air Heating


This is the most common form of furnace in homes and the one that we here at Clearview specialize in. Forced air heating uses fans to push hot air heated by gas, electricity or wood through the pipes and into the home. Forced air heating is easy to use and relatively simple to maintain and repair, though it needs some care and quite a bit of space to function properly.

Radiant Heat


Radiant heat uses pot belly stoves or hot water tubing in the floors. It provides warm, even heating and can keep your floors warm! However, radiant heat can be a bit slow in warming the home and maintenance can be a nuisance since there are a lot of hidden piping in the home.

Steam Radiant Heating


Steam radiant heating is similar to radiant heating except that it uses steam radiators instead of using hot water tubing to heat the home. It’s efficient and comfortable, but the radiators can be ugly and air conditioners have to be piped separately.



Finally in the family of ‘radiant heating’, we have hydronic or hot water baseboard heating. Hydronic heating is accomplished by heating hot water with electricity, propane, gas or even wood and then the hot water is piped to baseboard units in the home. It’s efficient, silent, and warms a home well, but the units take up quite a bit of space and they can be pokey.



Finally, we have geothermal heating which is relatively new to the heating scene. Geothermal heating brings heating from an outside source such as hot water springs and brings that source of heat into your home. Geothermal heating is supposed to save you quite a bit on heating costs and energy costs, but the systems are still fairly expensive to purchase and use.

Most homes either use the forced air heating system or some variant on the radiant heating system, though geothermal is starting to grow in popularity. Whatever you decide to use for heating your home, make sure that you are comfortable using it and that your home will work well with it.

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