Calgary Air Conditioning: Diagnosing AC Problems

You may not think about it unless is breaks down or malfunctions, but your air conditioner undergoes a tremendous amount of stress during the summer months. It also has many complex parts which can get damaged or cease to function entirely, causing a disturbance in your air conditioner’s efficiency and even potentially cause it to break down.

Having your AC system serviced regularly with preventative maintenance will help ensure that you are getting the most life out of your system, and that it will operate efficiently, saving you money. Sooner or later, especially with older models, you will start to notice various issues.

Here are a few things that could go wrong with your AC:

AC isn’t turning on: This could be an electrical issue, such as a blown fuse. Check the circuit breaker. The issue could also lie with the wiring of your thermostat. In this case, you absolutely need to call a ClearView technician.

Buzzing Noise: AC units running normally do make a bit of noise, but buzzing is definitely not normal. It could be due to a problem with the grounding of the unit, which is extremely serious.

Coolant Leak: If your AC turns on but isn’t cooling, you might have a leak in your coolant. It is important to call ClearView right away to address the problem. If your unit is a few years old, you should consider upgrading to a newer model which uses more environmentally friendly coolant instead of refilling or repairing it.

If you notice any of these issues, call ClearView immediately. We’ll fix any issue promptly and professionally, and provide new air conditioning installation if need be.

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