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Whatever the reason for your clogged drain, our experienced plumbers can usually solve the problem and restore drain flow in just a few minutes.

ClearView drain unclogging service will:

  • Clear all types of drains: kitchen, bathroom, sink, bathtub, etc.
  • Ensure the most cost effective service using the right tools for the job
  • Identify and clear recurring clog sources such as tree roots

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Does Your Drain Keep Getting Clogged? We Get To The “Root” Of The Problem

In the Calgary area, one of the primary culprits causing clogged drains is tree branches. When there is a leak in a drainage pipe, tree roots see this as a source of water. They find the leak and can even sneak through a crack or push their way into a pipe. These roots may initially cause some minor backups, but the roots can eventually fill the pipe to the point where the water and waste will no longer drain, and no amount of chemical drain cleaners or plunging will fix the problem. For some problems, we may use a snake to break apart the debris or roots in the pipe and restore the drain flow.

You need an experienced plumber with the tools to remove the tree roots from the pipes and repair the pipes when appropriate – otherwise, the tree roots will likely just grow back, causing clogged drains all over again. Luckily there are some extraordinarily affordable techniques that make it possible to fix the pipes and help prevent tree roots from entering the pipes.

Other Things That Could Potentially Cause Clogged Drains Include: something dropped into the drain or toilet itself like keys, a cell phone, toys, or anything else a child may have chosen to put there.

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