Calgary Heating: Carbon Monoxide Nightmare

Whenever someone buys a home, they cannot help but fantasize about what sort of life will unfold within its walls. Having children and watching them grow, thinking about the joys of the holidays, and all of life’s magic moments that will play out in the home. However, when people buy a home, they do not tend to focus on the things that can go horribly wrong and turn their dream homes into nightmares.

One of the most overlooked dangers that can exist in a home is the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak.

A carbon monoxide leak is dangerous because it is difficult to know for certain if you have one. As the gas slowly poisons you and your family, the effects might be attributed to just being tired, having a “bug,” or even ghosts. In order to protect those that live in your home, you should call a plumber and have your home checked for leaks.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

We conduct carbon monoxide tests with just about every service call to ensure there are no dangerous leaks to compromise the health of your family.

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