Calgary Furnace: Get Carbon Monoxide Detectors! A Mother’s Last Message on Earth

I hate it, but it’s happening again—the senseless, tragic deaths and injuries caused by carbon monoxide poisoning that could easily have been prevented by carbon monoxide testing.  Recently a Campbell River, B.C. man died from fumes while fishing.  In Toronto, six people were rushed to the hospital after inhaling toxic fumes in their home.  And in Woodstock, Ont., a family of four—the Hawkins family—all died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home.  There was a plugged exhaust-ventilation pipe for the gas fireplace located in their basement family room.

These stories affect us deeply here at ClearView Plumbing and Heating because we know how absolutely preventable such deaths are!  Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. David Recktor, who worked closely with police officer Laura Hawkins, the mother who died, said, “The irony is that one of her last messages on this Earth was to get a carbon monoxide protector… She was so dedicated to safety and would want people to take that message home. A carbon monoxide detector is every bit as important as a smoke detector.

So let’s make sure Laura Hawkins’ message gets out!

If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors, please, get them today!  Don’t procrastinate!  Just do it!  And please pass the word to friends and relatives.  And if you have any question about your heat ventilation, call ClearView Plumbing & Heating and we’ll come check it out for you.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

We conduct carbon monoxide tests with just about every service call to ensure there are no dangerous leaks to compromise the health of your family.

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