Calgary Plumbing:Back-up in the Sewer Main

Calgary Plumbing:Back-up in the Sewer Main

Oh… gross. Yeah.

Kyle here and we’re going to talk about a sensitive plumbing situation: the sewer. No one likes to talk about their toilet lines and we really try not to think about them too much. Mostly, we just use, flush and walk away. However, a sewer main back-up is the most common and usual plumbing emergency that most people face. You know full well how it starts: first the toilet won’t flush right (but someone flushes it anyway), then the toilet bubbles ominously and the next thing you know, you have toilet water all over the floor… and hopefully nothing more!

The difference between a block in the toilet and block in the sewer main is that not only will the toilet start regurgitating, but the shower and sink won’t drain either. This is because the back up is somewhere in the main pipes which hook into the individual pipes. Many people try to fix the problem with a plunger (it won’t work) or by using drain cleaners (Definitely won’t work). There are a few bandage solutions you can use, but even these things won’t work for long.

The first thing you will have to do is stop using your water for a while. This allows the line to partially drain out, but you’ll probably lose your mind. Furthermore, the line may drain enough for a few flushes, but then you’ll have the problem occur all over again. The problem is that since water all flows to the bottommost fixture in your home where the back-up is so that all water ends up clogged.

At this point, all you really can do is call for cavalry! A good plumber will be able to clear your lines and may even be able to prevent the problem from happening again anytime soon. He or she will also be able to give you tips on preventing the problem from coming back and let you know if anything additional is required, such as cutting out roots or replacing a part.

The only thing worse than talking about your sewer main is to not have it work properly! Night or day, if your sewer main clogs, you can call upon us right here…

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