Calgary Plumbing: Things Which Wreck Water Boilers Part 2

Calgary Plumbing: Things Which Wreck Water Boilers Part 2

In the last post, we looked at the most common things which can wreck your water boiler: rust, corrosion and neglect. But there are some unknown things which can also ruin your water boiler if you aren’t careful. So today, we’re going to look at the unknown, quiet things which can cause water tank problems. Keep in mind that many of these things alone won’t do the job by themselves, but it all adds up.

Corrosive Fumes

Phew! Fumes which can corrode the metal in your water tank come from a variety of sources, but usually come from the chemical cleaners you pour down the drain to get rid of clogs. Even chemicals which are stored close to the water tank can cause problems because the fumes are drawn into the pipes.

You can limit this damage by storing chemicals away from the water tank and by using things like vinegar and baking soda instead of chemicals as much as possible.

Wrong Sizes

The wrong sizes of anything will screw something up. If you’ve ever worn improperly sized clothing, you know how awkward it is! Improper sizing of your water tank can cause it to degrade faster because the water contracting and expanding inside a tank without the space to make up for that, the tank can wear out quickly.

When you buy a water tank, it’s important to get it properly sized for the demands which will be placed upon it. All manufacturers should have sizing guides to help you figure out what size water tank you will need for your home.

High Water Pressure

Hey, we all like the skin beating shower, but all that water pressure can reek havoc with your water system. A good water pressure should be between 60 and 80 psi and if it’s higher than that, the water pressure can damage your water tank, pipes, and even the appliances. Instead of cranking the water pressure up, keep it between 60 and 80 psi and save the power shower for a good waterfall or the outdoor hose!

Electrical Current

This one is weird, but let’s look at it anyway. In rare cases, electricity from nearby sources can jump from the wiring to the water heater or piping which causes corrosion. You can prevent this by making sure you connect the incoming and outgoing piping with a length of #6 copper wire above the water heater and then run it to the ground bar at the electrical panel. This draws the leaping electricity away from your water tank.

These are more uncommon things which can impact your water tank, but these things can happen as well as general corrosion and rust. So, from part one and two, what can we take away? That a water tank needs regular care and maintenance, it needs to be kept clean and as clear as possible. So, head down to your water tank and make sure it’s clean, clear and book a maintenance check with your local water technician!

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