Calgary Plumbing: Spring Plumbing Checklist

After a long, cold winter, your plumbing has most likely taken a beating come spring. Temperatures that are consistently below freezing can put serious strain on your pipes. Here’s a list of things to look out for as winter gives way to spring:

Check for leaks and drips

By the time winter is over, new leaks and drips can appear that weren’t there before it started. Addressing these as soon as possible is important. Call ClearView if you notice any water where it shouldn’t be.

Check your drains

Spring usually brings with it a decent amount of rainfall and water runoff from snow melting. You need to make sure your drains are clog free and ready to handle that incoming volume of water.

Check pipes for erosion or damage

Ice and changing water pressure from temperature differentials wears down your pipes significantly. Check visible pipes for signs of wear or erosion as you are checking for leaks.

Check your water heater

Water heater tanks are put under extra strain during the winter. Check for leaks and water accumulation around the tank, and ensure it is draining properly.

If you notice a problem with your plumbing, call ClearView before it becomes a disaster.

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