Calgary Plumbing: How to Install a Bathroom Sink and Faucet: Part One

Calgary Plumbing: How to Install a Bathroom Sink and Faucet: Part One

We’re back for the last major segment of bathroom renovations-the bathroom faucet! Now, of course you could have gone in any order you like for a bathtub, toilet and faucet, but our last one will be the sink (and the faucet in part 2). When you’re doing your bathroom sink, there is little point in replacing one and ignoring the other because the hard part is replacing the faucet and if you’re going to do the basin, you might as well do a new faucet too.

The first thing you’ll want to do (after shutting the water off), is to unscrew the sink from its mount, assuming you have a standard sort of sink which in a bathroom counter or table. It simply unscrews from the bottom. Then you will have to unscrew the pipes from the faucet. If you have a trap, then this job is much easier; all you have to do is detach it. If the trap cannot be removed (it will have a small plug at the bottom), then you have to work around it. Regardless, unscrew the big plastic nut at the end of the drain pipe (near the sink’s drain) and pull out the drain.

Don’t touch anything at this point! You should see a wedge shape in the piping which will have to put in the new pipes in the exact same way. The plastic nut will have to be replaced exactly as well. This prevents leaks.

Once your old sink is gone, take the opportunity to clean the gunk on its old home and then replace your new sink. Some sinks will have clamps which can be fastened into place; others require caulking and gravity to keep it in place. Either way, make sure your sink is properly aligned and lower it into place.

Now it’s time to put the drain back. This is pretty easy, but you should grab a buddy to hold the pipe up while you fix it into place with caulking and screwing back the plastic nut. Make sure that the wedge and nut are in the right place! You can use additional caulking to hold everything together if you’re worried about leaks or you have no faith in your ability to tighten bolts. Then you put the top back on in the sink (the silver ring) and you can use putty or caulking to affix it into place, it’s up to you.

If you’re also putting in a new faucet, it’s a good idea to now put in the drain plug mechanism before it gets too fiddly to do. Saving it until later can make it really hard to do, so go ahead and do it now. We’ll go into how to do this in a later article, but chances are that the manufacturers have included perfectly viable instructions. Push your drain into place, using the conical gasket and wax ring included and you’re done. Check for leaks by turning the water on and tighten bolts as required.

You know, when it comes to plumbing, sometimes you just have to get in there too, so even before you start thinking about replacing your sink, take a look at the workings under it. Pipes for the bathroom faucet are pretty easy to figure out since it’s a simple design and mostly relies on caulking and bolts. Take a look at it and you can better see how to pull it apart and replace it so that you can do this DIY job for yourself whenever you like.

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