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With the Canadian winter dropping all of us into a deep freeze, your showers might just be getting a bit hotter and a bit longer. As the winter weather comes with not only cold but dry air, the steam from a hot shower is great for returning a bit of moisture to the air in your home as well.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in your home with no hot water when it’s absolutely freezing outside. It’s obvious that being stranded in the middle of a shower when the hot water cuts out is one of the most frustrating things one can experience. It’s even worse during the cold, dry winter months.

The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to ensure that your hot water heater is regularly serviced. ClearView technicians are experienced in the service and maintenance of all types of heaters, from gas to electric, even tankless heaters. They’ll make sure all the parts of the heater are in working order, and that it is draining properly, free of mineral buildup that can cause clogs.

Should you miss the boat on having your water heater serviced for an inspection and tune-up and find yourself with a broken water heater, ClearView technicians are on call to respond to your emergency promptly and professionally. They will assess the problem and propose the best way to solve it, whether through repair or replacement.

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