Calgary Plumbing: A Basic Plumbing Supply Kit

A Basic Plumbing Supply Kit

Kits are a fantastic thing, aren’t they? If you have to live through a Calgary winter, it’s advised to have a winter kit in the car in case you get stuck or break down somewhere. A first-aid kit is necessary in case of injuries around the home. But what about a plumbing kit? If you have plumbing problems, a good plumbing supply kit can really help to tie you over while you wait for your friendly Calgary plumbers to come in. What should you have in this undervalued kit?

The most common plumbing problems to have in the home are leaking faucets and toilets and a clogged toilet, so your kit should address the tools you would need to either fix and/or temporarily fix the problem. If you want an all-in-one solution, there are plumbers’ kits sold in department stores and repair supply stores. These kits are usually geared towards one aspect of your home and contain everything you need to fix the most common issues. Some of these kits can be fairly expensive, particularly if you go for the really huge ones, but they can also save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. And you can always opt for a smaller kit.

Other supplies to have on hand include:

  • A Pipe wrench. Pipe wrenches are much longer than their normal sorts of cousins and are necessary for reaching pipes in the back of cupboards without straining yourself.
  • Nuts, washers and bolts. Nuts, washers and bolts are always good to have around and they’re so cheap! Just pick some up at your local hardware and store them in a small container that can be sealed.
  • Plumber’s Putty. Plumber’s putty is often used to form a temporary seal for leaky faucets. It won’t hold the leak for long, but it will stop the water from escaping long enough for you to fix the problem or for the plumber to come
  • Pipe Epoxy. Pipe epoxy is the putty for holes in the pipes; it can be used to plug them. But use it carefully because epoxy can be pretty hard to remove if it’s just slathered on.
  • A drain snake. Not the kind that slithers! Drain snakes are uses to get rid of clogs deep in drains so that you don’t have to pull the system apart. They are usually around $20.00 and can save you hundreds of dollars since the plumber will probably do the exact same thing and charge you for it!

You should also always make sure to have at least a small toolbox on hand with things like screwdrivers, screws, a hammer, wrenches, a level, etc. Small toolboxes in the home are not only good for emergency plumbing, but for emergency anything.

Now, these things won’t help you in the case of a real plumbing emergency, but they will tie you through just about any problem so that you aren’t having difficulties when your Calgary plumber arrives. Plus it’s always a boost to know that you can fix basic plumbing problems by yourself.

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