Calgary Heating: Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pumps are efficient additions to home heating systems that require little maintenance on your part. Maintenance should be carried out by a competent service contractor, who should inspect your unit at least once a year.

When it comes to hot water heat pumps, filter and coil maintenance can have a dramatic impact on system performance and service life. A dirty filter, coil or fan can reduce airflow through the system. This will reduce system performance and can lead to compressor damage if it continues for extended periods.

The fan should be cleaned to ensure that it provides the airflow required for proper operation. The fan speed should be checked at the same time. Incorrect pulley settings, a loose fan belt or incorrect motor speed can all contribute to poor performance.

Ductwork should be inspected and cleaned as required to ensure that airflow is not restricted by loose insulation, abnormal buildup of dust or other obstacles, which occasionally find their way through the grills.

As for the owner tasks, you are responsible to make sure that your vents and registers are not blocked by furniture, carpets or other items that could impede airflow.

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