Calgary Heating: Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater Vs. Tank-less Water Heater

Calgary Heating: Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater Vs. Tank-less Water Heater

We’ve been looking at the tank-less water heater in the last post or so and how neat they are. I like them anyway! But of course, I also think that most people want to do good thorough research into a product before purchasing it and that’s why we’re going to spending at least one more blog on the tank-less water heater. In this one, we’ll be looking at the conventional storage tank water heater versus a tank-less water heater so you can do some solid comparisons.

Thermal Heat Loss

An easy place to start? The heat energy which each machine throws out there in the process of heating the water you use. The traditional water heater wastes about 20-40% of your daily energy use because heat is gradually lost through radiant heat from the tank. (This is what makes cats love the tank so much.)

A tank-less water heater doesn’t have much of any heat loss because there is no storage tank. Water is heated as it passed over an electric burner and then the water stays hot as it travels through the pipes. Your pets will be mad, but your water heating expenses may drop by as much as 50%!

Limited Supply of Hot Water

It’s kind of a rite of childhood for many people: the fact that in the middling teen years, it’s hard to have a hot shower unless you get up very early. Storage tank water heaters can only hold so much hot water and once it’s gone, you have to wait for more water to come in and be heated.

With a tank-less water heater, you don’t have to worry about this because you get a continuous water supply. Tank-less water heaters can provide between two and five hundred gallons of hot water which is far more than anyone will need at a time!

Overheating of Water and Risk of Scalding

There is a good reason why those warning labels are all over the water heater storage tank. These heaters set water temperatures at over 130F so that it all refreshes at the same rate. However, this wastes a lot of energy and there is always the risk of being scalded, particularly with children who fiddle with dials.

High end tank-less water heaters allow the owner to set the temperature of the water which means no scalding and conservation of energy. Every 10 degree F reduction means a savings of 3-5% on your energy expenses. Even low end tank-less waters save a great deal of energy and reduces the risk of scalding.

Hard Water Minerals

When water is heated for an extended period of time (such as in storage tanks), the formation of hard water scale increases. This is because the heat provides the chemical reactions necessary for things like mineral leeching. As a result, water heating tanks are more likely to get clogged, damaged, corroded or otherwise damaged by hard mineral build-up.

Tank less water heaters of course don’t have this problem since there is no water stored in a heated area. Hard water sediments take a lot longer to build up and so these water heaters last longer and are less likely to leak. As a side note, tank-less water heaters have a longer warranty to cover any damages that may come up.

When the Water Heater Dies…

Both conventional storage tanks and tank-less water heaters will die after a while. The lifespan of the average conventional water heater is about six to twelve years, though you can extend this a little by taking good care of your water heater. However, when they die, they are very hard to dispose of and very expensive to recycle since they’re so big and bulky.

A tank-less water heater on average lasts about 25 years since there is less hard water build up and less to break down. Furthermore, at a fraction of the size and weight when they do eventually die, they are fairly easy to dispose of or recycle.

A cross the board comparison of the two styles of water heaters shows that the tank-less water heater is superior to the conventional water heater. The one point where the conventional heater wins is price-they are usually cheaper. However, over the long run they are more expensive since they cost more to repair and have to be replaced sooner. So how will you heat your water this year?

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