Calgary Furnace Repair: Some Easy Steps to Save Money on Furnace Repair Job

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Calgary Furnace Repair:

Hi, it’s Kyle from Clearview Plumbing and Heating.  I recently read on line that a furnace in average house in Alberta consumes about 60% of all the energy.  That’s a lot money that goes towards heating your home and then it dawned on me that there are ways to save costs on energy and on furnace repairs and I thought I would share them with you.  Here they are.

Some Easy Steps to Save Money on Furnace Repair Job

If you are actively searching for ways to save money on your furnace repairs, you’ve come to the right place! Calgary furnace repair is pretty important-it’s very cold here in the winter and having your furnace conk out in the middle of a -30 cold snap is a chilling proposition! But you may also be unable to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these sudden repairs. It’s important therefore, to know how to save money on furnace repairs in Calgary so that you can enjoy your warm home without killing your bank account.

Regular Furnace Servicing

Having your furnace serviced regularly may seem like a pain at the time, but it can save you big bucks in the long run. Just like having your car serviced and fluids changed regularly to prevent expensive messes later, having your furnace regularly serviced (say once a year) by a qualified technician can prevent things like the furnace dying, spluttering or even blowing out.

Take it Easy on the Furnace

Calgary may be cold in the winter, but it’s not cold all day every day! Not only can decreasing your furnace usage save you on the utility bills, it can also make your furnace last longer. Think about it: if your furnace is running 24/7, it will wear out a lot faster than a furnace which is only running a few hours a day. Consider turning it down at night and while no one is home at the very least.

Troubleshoot Your Furnace Yourself…

There are some basic checks you can undertake on your furnace before calling in the cavalry. These include things like making sure the pilot light isn’t out and that the wiring is all straightened out. It is not only a waste of time and money to call in a technician for something simple, but it’s kind of embarrassing too, so take the time to look things over for yourself.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Call for Help

It’s admirable to try a DIY approach, but don’t let it blind you to something seriously wrong with your furnace! If you’ve done some general steps and you still don’t know what’s wrong, don’t experiment-call for help. It’s cheaper, faster and healthier to let a qualified furnace technician do the work for you.

Time to Buy New Heating Equipment

Sadly, furnaces are sometimes too expensive to keep and it’s time to get something new.  Shop around at this point and find something that is sturdy and that you can enjoy.

Don’t wait to get your furnace checked up and fixed until the middle of winter! Make sure your furnace undergoes an annual check-up and take good care of it and you’ll have warmth in even the worst winters Canada has to throw.

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