Calgary Heating: Beware of Energy Scams

Calgary Heating: Beware of Energy Scams

If you are looking to cut down your ever increasing electricity bills and comes across an offer that promises to save you money on energy cost, think twice before opting for it. The offer could be one of the many energy scams being run by selfish people and entities and your energy bills could end up costing more than ever.

The tip might come as a surprise to a lot of us, but there are a number of fraud companies that try to cash in on the rising concerns over global warming and conserving energy. They sell ideas and equipments with the claim to reduce your electricity bills but once you sign up for such fraudulent schemes, you will find that your electricity bill has soared even higher due to hidden costs like service, late payment and cancellation fees. These companies make use of door to door salesmen, direct mail and telesales to defraud people into entering such schemes.

Whenever you come across such offers, it is advisable to run a background check on the credentials of the companies selling these schemes. You should always go for well known companies that have substantial experience and credibility in the field. When looking for a trustworthy company, you should ask people staying in your area to give your some reliable recommendations. And if you are unable to get any information through neighbors, you can ask the local Better Business Bureau for a list of licensed service providers who are reputed in the business.

When it comes to energy for your home, you should always make sure that you are not compromising on quality of service for cheaper deals. You should shop around and run a comparative study of offers of different companies to choose the best suited option for your house. Remember that the service you choose will be a recurring expense and commitment, so it is in your best interest to choose carefully.

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