Calgary Heating: Ouch! Heating Will Be Expensive This Winter-Calgary!

Calgary Heating: Ouch! Heating Will Be Expensive This Winter-Calgary!


This is shaping up to be an expensive heating season, with double digit increases in the cost of natural gas expected.
As well, Calgary’s Regulated Electricity Bills to Rise July 1 by 21%

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released a revised short-term energy outlook.  According to the EIA (see…

Dramatic increases in domestic energy costs, assisted by everything from the recovering world oil markets, to speculators, have set the stage for a potentially expensive winter heating season beginning a month or two from now.

How bad will it get?  Try this.  Under the Medium Recovery Scenario, homeowners can expect…

Natural Gas  Up  71%

Electricity Up  21%

What You Can Do Today

The first, and most obvious step is to get your water heater and heating system tuned up for the winter.  As your water heater ages, sediments will settle to the bottom of the tank, reducing storage capacity. If you have a gas fired water heater, these sediments will reduce the efficiency of the burner, sending more heat up the flue and less heat into the water where you want it.

Speaking of heating the water—as outside temperatures drop, the temperature of the incoming water gets cooler as well. This reduces the heating capacity of your water heater so if the tank is clogged with sediment, or too small to begin with, you’re likely to come up short in the shower. This means a new, efficient water heater can save energy dollars  while providing a more comfortable shower.

You can also save water heating costs by using less hot water. Change out your shower heads to more efficient water saver models. A properly sized and maintained water heater should be able to handle your water heating needs when set at only 120 degrees. Just be sure to use your dishwasher’s sanitizing setting when washing dishes. Ask our service professional  to test your water temperature and check your water heater the next time you call.  We can also recommend water savers for your home.

Tune Up Your Furnace

Heating system tune-ups are not expensive, especially when compared to the drastic increases in energy costs.  Get your heating system tuned-up sooner rather than later.  The last thing you want to do is wait for the cold weather when every contractor in town is backed up with emergency calls. A heating system tune-up will cut heating costs up to 10%. If you have not had a tune-up for several years, the savings may be even more.

Though it requires a greater investment than the steps we’ve already discussed, the biggest savings come from a new, high efficiency heating system.  Depending on the age of your old system, you can cut heating bills as much as 50%.  As energy prices continue to rise, the savings of an energy efficient heating system will save you even more.

Thermostat Settings

Lowering your thermostat setting  a few degrees will save money.  Unfortunately, it’s also uncomfortable to lower the thermostat and it’s easy to forget. Many people like to set the thermostat lower at night, to snuggle up under warm covers.  But no one likes to wake to a cold room.  By using a programmable setback thermostat, you can sleep and wake in comfort.  Also, you will never forget to set the thermostat back when you leave for work.

You can also feel more comfortable at lower temperatures if you have humidity in the air. Because higher winter humidity allows you to comfortably lower your thermostat, a duct mounted humidifier not only improves comfort, protects wood furnishing, reduces static electricity, and makes your family less susceptible to colds because your sinuses are less likely to dry and crack, it also pays for itself in a few short years from the lower thermostat setting!

The Bottom Line on Energy Savings

The investments you make in more efficient water and space heating can result in more comfort and fewer energy dollars wasted.

Call us today. You can start saving tomorrow!

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