Calgary Plumbing: 15 Very Important Spring Plumbing Tips

Calgary Plumbing: 15 Very Important Spring Plumbing Tips

Every season in the year brings its own type of plumbing related issues. When faced with them, it is advisable to leave their solutions to the experienced professionals only who have been carrying out plumbing tasks efficiently for many years now.

In case you are even little unsure about what you’re doing, messing around with a plumbing system can lead to not only expensive repair bills and potential health hazards, but also serious damage to your property.

Following are some useful spring plumbing tips which you can make use of every year:

  1. If you have a sump pump in your home, ensure that it functions properly by releasing a few buckets of water in the sump pit. When this is done, the pump must ideally turn on quickly, discharge all the accumulated water and shut off in time without any issues.
  2. Inspect the toilets for any hidden leaks. To do so put 6 drops of food color in the toilet tank. In case it is leaking, the bowl will have color in matter of less than 30 minutes.
  3. Check the bowl and tank for any leaks or cracks.
  4. Checkout the faucets for leaks or drips. In case there are any, have them repaired to save water.
  5. Check if all the toilets of the house are flushing properly. In case the handle of a flush needs to be jiggled to prevent the water from running continuously or kept down for a proper flush, it may be time to replace some of the tank parts. They’re normally not very expensive and can help you save on your water bills.
  6. Observe the preset temperature in your water heater. It must be no higher than 120°F to avoid any burns and to reduce energy consumption too.
  7. Check if there are any exposed pipes in the basement and underneath the sinks that show signs of leakages.
  8. Properly drain out gallons of water from the water heater to allow flushing out of corrosion causing sediments that shorten heater’s life and reduce its heating efficiency too.
  9. Since new water heaters are always more energy efficient, in case yours is more than 15 years old, it will be good for your pocket to replace it now.
  10. Exercise the water supply valves placed under the toilets and sinks to ensure their smooth operation.
  11. Check the hose bibs and faucets, especially the exterior ones for any damages during the previous winter season.
  12. Pour one gallon water into the drains that are used rarely to prevent any odors and to fill any traps. Floor drains that have become slower should be snaked to make sure that they are well prepared for rainy season.
  13. Make sure that all the drains in the house have strainers to prevent debris, soap and hair from clogging up the drain pipes.
  14. See if there are any bird nests in the vent pipes.
  15. Ensure that downspouts, gutters and drains are all free of debris, cleaned out and open.

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