Calgary Plumbing: Winning the Battle Over the Bottle …of Water

More and more Calgary residents are giving up on their plumbing by substituting bottled water for their tap water.
It seems harmless.  You pick up a bottle of water, and take a drink.  But the truth is, it is coming to be one of the more harmful practices that humans are engaging in.
Here’s the problem: while the use of bottle water is exploding (sales went from 3.3 billion bottles in 1997 to over 15 billion bottles in 2003), the rate of recycling those bottles is pathetically low.  Only about 12% of these types of bottles are recycled (since most bottles of water are consumed away from home), and in 2003 that meant 40 million bottles a day went into the trash or litter.

It’s bad enough that our landfills are filling up with non-biodegradable plastic, but there is another problem.  Since plastic bottles are made with petroleum, the more we use them, the more petroleum we use up.  And that, of course, is a finite resource.

“But bottled water is purer and tastes better,” many say.  And yet, numerous studies and taste tests have exposed this as a myth.  The truth is that most tap water is as pure, if not purer, than most bottled water.  In fact, up to 40% of bottled water started life as, well, tap water.

So what’s a health-conscious person to do?  We think water filters are the answer, and there are many effective products to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

Reverse osmosis filter systems are great, and they can be installed under your sink, above the counter, or even attached to your refrigerator for clean, fresh ice cubes if you have an icemaker.  There are faucet-mounted filters that are very reasonable.  And if you have serious water quality problems, you may want to look into a whole house water filter system.

Filtered water is healthy, it helps to save the environment…and it will save you the cost of buying those expensive bottles.

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