When Tree Roots Find Their Way Into Your Plumbing System

Street trees are an important component of the ‘green infrastructure’ in Calgary but damage caused by roots to sidewalks, piping and sewers can be an expensive problem. Annual piping and sewer repair costs can be hefty and damage tends to be most severe in the older areas of Calgary with deteriorating infrastructure and large trees.

Roots can cause stoppages in plumbing systems, the structural failures are caused by a combination of roots, corrosion, soil movement and inadequate construction. When a pipe is cooler than the surrounding soil, moisture will condense around it creating conditions conducive to root growth.

Also when conditions in a tree planting pit are not ideal tree roots might grow into a nearby pipe trench. As roots continue to grow, they expand and exert considerable pressure at the crack or joint where they entered the pipe. The force exerted by the root growth will break the pipe and may result in total collapse of the pipe. Severe root intrusion and pipes that are structurally damaged will require replacement.

Homeowners should be aware of the location of their plumbing systems, and refrain from planting certain types of trees and hedges near the plumbing lines. Trees should be located more than 10 feet from plumbing lines to minimize root intrusion. Also, homeowners should choose small, slow-growing species with less aggressive root systems, and replace them before they get too large for their planting area.

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