What To Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

One of the most common wintertime plumbing issues faced by homeowners are burst pipes. When pipes freeze, the excess pressure can cause them to burst. This is not only a disruption and a nuisance—it can also cause serious water damage to your home. If you experience a burst pipe in your home this winter, here are a few tips and tricks about what to do from the experienced technicians at ClearView Plumbing.

Turn Off Your Main Water Valve

If one of your pipes burst, the first thing you should do is turn off your main water line. This will block water from running through your pipes, minimizing any leakage and flooding that may be cause by the pipe rupture.

Collect and Contain Water

Once your water supply has been cut off, the next thing you should do is attempt to contain the leaking or flooding from the burst pipe as best as you can. Placing a bucket or other receptacle underneath the burst pipe is an effective way to contain the damage. Avoid any wiring or electrical devices that may have been affected by water as they could cause a safety hazard.

Record and Report Damage

If the leak or flooding you’ve experienced due to a burst pipe is serious, you may be able to make a claim through your insurance company. That’s why it’s important for you to take notes about the damage and also take photos of the damaged area. Call your insurance company as soon as possible to begin the claims process.

Call The Professionals

One of the most important things to do if your pipes burst is to call a professional plumbing company as soon as possible. Attempting to fix a burst pipe on your own is a personal safety risk that could result in further property damage. At ClearView Plumbing, our experienced and professional staff have the skills and tools necessary to repair your burst pipe quickly and efficiently, minimize the property damage you may experience. We offer 24/7 support to assist you whenever an emergency occurs. For more information about our variety of plumbing services, contact us today at ClearView Plumbing.

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