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Waterproofing New Home Constructions in Calgary

One of the benefits of constructing your home from scratch is that you can easily set up a waterproofing system and have your property protected right from the start. 

ClearView Services can help you develop an effective waterproofing strategy for your new home in Calgary. Give us a call to learn more about the process and find out if this is something you would like to complete during the construction phase.

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Benefits of Waterproofing During Construction

Cracked foundations due to water damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair; it will also require having your property excavated, which can create an unsightly mess and added frustration. 

Avoid the headache of having to repair your foundation and the costly process of installing a new waterproofing system. Choosing to waterproof your property during the build will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind in the future. 

Our team will discuss the process with you and determine the best approach to waterproofing your new home.

What to Expect During The Waterproofing Process

With new construction waterproofing, you won’t have to worry about additional trench work or messes. We will attach a waterproofing membrane to your external walls, add fabric mesh over the membrane, and finish it off with a second layer of membrane. 

We can also provide you with drainage solutions, which include applying a drainage membrane to the walls of your foundation and installing a sump pump in your basement. Our experts will assess your particular needs and discuss the best approach to waterproofing your basement and your home. 

Current building codes only require the minimum in waterproofing—which is essentially damp proofing. Damp proofing is often not enough to keep water from entering your home through cracks in the foundation; this is why more heavy-duty waterproofing is recommended.

After an in-depth discussion, we will present with a comprehensive waterproofing plan and cover the scope of the project in detail. Our experts will take the time to address your questions and concerns before any work begins.

        Why Choose ClearView Services?

        We believe in providing our customers with transparent service. You will always receive honest recommendations from our team. We will go over the project in detail, provide upfront pricing, and make sure you fully understand the extent of work involved. 

        Our goal is to prevent water problems from developing—or keep them from happening again. We only use high-quality materials and products to ensure the best results. 

        ClearView Services is among Calgary’s most trusted home service contractors. We have been serving the region since 1996 and continue to remain committed to our customers’ comfort and peace of mind. Our results comply with Alberta Building Code, ensuring your safety and the integrity of your property.

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