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Interior Basement Waterproofing in Calgary

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Excess water in your home can quickly create problems with mold and may even result in structural damage over time. This is why waterproofing is such a crucial investment for homeowners who live on a floodplain or low-lying ground. 

ClearView Services helps residents throughout Calgary maintain their property’s structural integrity with professional interior basement waterproofing. 

Our experts will help you develop a custom waterproofing solution and ensure that your home is properly protected from heavy rain, snowmelt, and the dangers of mold growth. 

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When is Interior Waterproofing Necessary?

Interior basement waterproofing is recommended if…

  • The problem can’t be resolved through external solutions (often due to issues with ease of access).
  • You have an unfinished basement (interior waterproofing is more cost-effective in this case).
  • High water pressure (hydrostatic pressure) is causing water to enter your basement through cracks or holes in your foundation.

If you are having basement water problems, give us a call to have the situation inspected. Our experts will assess the issue and discuss the best approach to interior waterproofing for your property.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions for Basements

Internal drainage systems have the advantage of preventing water from entering your basement through walls or the footing (which is part of your foundation). 

There are three main areas of concern when creating an interior waterproofing system:

Walls—The affected walls will have drainage boards (or drainage membranes) installed. This will help direct water to the sump pump instead of leaking and entering your home. 

Floors—Your basement floor will also need to be protected to prevent water from leaking through the footing. We will install weeping tiles under the floor, which are designed to direct groundwater to the sump pump.

Sump pumps—This is perhaps the most crucial element of internal waterproofing. Once the sump pump has sensed water buildup in the pit, it will work to remove the water so it’s properly discharged outside.

        What to Expect

        Waterproofing and drainage will involve some excavation work. We will need to open your basement floor to access the foundation and footings, and create a trench. This will allow us to apply the weeping tiles and drainage boards. 

        If your property currently doesn’t have an effective way to discharge excess water out of your basement, we will recommend sump pump installation. ClearView Services carries high-quality products and will supply you with a sump pump that best meets your needs.

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        We understand the stress and frustration of water problems. Our team is here to help you establish the best waterproofing strategy for your property and ensure that it’s carried out safely and accurately. 

        In addition to internal drainage applications, we also provide a range of waterproofing solutions—including exterior basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and more.

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