Calgary Plumbing Tips: Very Useful DIY Plumbing Tips – Part 1

Calgary Plumbing Tips: Very Useful DIY Plumbing Tips – Part 1

Calgary Plumbing Tips: Very Useful DIY Plumbing Tips – Part 1

Although we don’t highly recommend DIY plumbing work (not just because it affects our revenue!), we understand that summoning a professional every time a small plumbing issue crops up in your home can be a taxing affair, both on your pocket as well as your time.

Being a customer-centric company, we hereby present to you many useful DIY plumbing tips in two different parts. So, let’s throw light on some general ones among them:

Calgary Plumbing Tips: General DIY Plumbing Tips

  • Always make it a point that you turn off the water supply to the particular area that you’re carrying out the job on. To do so, turn left to loosen and right to tighten.
  • Your bathroom plumbing tool kit must be equipped with the following: a bucket, a plunger, towels, rags, two adjustable wrenches, a small and a large multi-head screwdriver (or an Allen keys set instead of the small screwdriver) and a plumber’s wrench.
  • In case you’re working on a sink or a tub, make sure that you shut the drain with a tape so that nothing falls into it accidentally.
  • Whenever you take something apart, ensure that you lay the opened parts down in the same order that you take them out.
  • Carry old parts with you whenever you go to any store to purchase replacements.

Let us now discuss some specific DIY plumbing tips with regard to top four plumbing issues that can crop up in your home. We’ll discuss the first issue in this part, followed by the next three issues covered in the part 2 of this article.

Calgary Plumbing Tips: Toilet Leaks

So what do you think causes your toilet to leak? – Well, it could be a damaged or corroded flapper, a very short or very long chain or a broken fill valve.

How can you fix a leaking toilet? – It depends on the exact problem. Based on that you can fix it in the following ways:

  • If the issue is with the toilet flush arm chain and it is only about an inch extra, unhook the chain and re-adjust it.
  • Make sure that the rubber flapper (that is connected to the above mentioned chain) properly covers the hole from where the water comes in. In case it doesn’t, attach it properly. If the flapper is in place, unclip it check for damage or erosion. It will need replacement if it is damaged or eroded.
  • In case the water level is lower or higher in comparison to the water level on the inside of toilet, you might need to adjust the float arm or the fill valve (in modern toilets). While making adjustments to a new-age ball-less fill valve, locate the vertical arm on the fill valve’s main body. Either make use of a screwdriver to adjust or loosen up the bar or squeeze the clip for easy up or down movement of the arm. If you’re working with a float arm with a ball instead, gently press and bend the arm to adjust it back into its place.

In the next part of this article, we’ll discuss the DIY Plumbing tips for leaking faucets, clogged drains and mold on the silicone.

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