The Vengeful Spirit of Carbon Monoxide

It’s late at night. You know you’re supposed to be alone in your house, but you hear something that you can’t quite explain coming from another room. You get up to investigate. As you approach the source of the unknown sounds, you begin to feel fearful and nervous. After failing to find any identifiable source of the sounds, you head back to bed. On your way, you see something. It looks like a person except for the fact that you can see right through them. The vaporous form hovers for a few seconds before disappearing through a wall. You are now convinced that your house is haunted. However, it’s more likely that there is a carbon monoxide leak somewhere in your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been linked to many of the classic signs of a haunting, including the visual and auditory hallucinations and unexplained feelings of dread. And while you may be experiencing a genuine haunting, it is still a good idea to rule out the possibility that you are suffering from the effects of breathing in odourless noxious fumes for an extended period of time. Carbon monoxide testing could be the solution. Call a plumber to have your home checked before breaking out the Ouija board. It might save your life.

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