Calgary Plumbing: Trying To Save $15 On Cheap, Uninsured Technicians Can Cost You

Recently an electrician told me that one of his associates took a side job, working in someone’s home. He had to get up to an area where he could reach some wiring and asked to borrow the customer’s ladder. As he was working, the ladder snapped, and he fell to the ground. Now, the owner’s facing a “pain and suffering” lawsuit. The homeowner tried to get someone to do a simple job, and how they’re facing a major financial setback.

If They’re “Cheap” – Then Chances Are, They Aren’t Fully Insured

Once in a while, we find out about someone who, looking to save a few dollars, hires a cheap technician. If a technician has unusually low prices, it almost ALWAYS means that the tech is cutting corners on something that you need: maybe they haven’t been certified, so they don’t do work to code. Maybe they’re simply not skilled enough to get enough work. These are all major concerns – but most homeowners don’t stop to think about what could happen if the technician slips and falls on their property.

NEVER Risk Financial Disaster By Using A Non-Insured Technician.

People can get hurt in crazy ways – like tripping over a rug, falling on children’s toys, or even because of their own mistakes. Always, always, ALWAYS take a few minutes to ask for verification that the service you plan on hiring is fully insured – and don’t risk hiring someone on the side who doesn’t bother with insurance. Otherwise, you could end up footing the bill for their accident – including pain and suffering! Better cross your fingers and hope they don’t slip and fall!

At ClearView, we carry full insurance policies to protect our customers from the risk of these kinds of accidents.

We carry Liability Insurance “just in case” – which protects you should we ever damage your property. If we didn’t have liability, you’d get stuck with the bill.

If they don’t have worker’s compensation insurance and a technician is injured on your property then you may be liable for their injury. We also carry Worker’s Comp Insurance which protects homeowners if the technician is injured or disabled while working on your property.

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