Top Drain Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

One of the biggest household inconveniences is having a clogged drain. If the kitchen sink is clogged, you cannot do the dishes, wash your hands, or handle most tasks in the kitchen. If the drain in your bathtub is clogged, it can make taking a shower almost impossible. If your toilet is clogged, things can be very difficult, especially if you only have one bathroom. Because clogged drains are such an inconvenience, you should know a few tips to keep them from getting clogged.


Regardless of how healthy your hair is, you will lose some when you wash your hair. When this happens, it can get stuck in the drain and cause a clog. The more hair that builds up in the drain, the worse the clog will become. In order to keep the hair from clogging the drain, you should install a hair catcher over it, and clean it often.


Because soap is meant to be used with water, it may seem strange that it can clog a drain. Hard water combined with bars of soap can leave residue in the pipes. This residue can build up and restrict the space in the pipes for the water to go down. This can lead to a slow drain, and eventually a clogged drain. One way to prevent this is to use liquid soap. Also, when washing your hands, use a hand sanitizer rather than soap, since you don’t need to rinse hand sanitizer off.


Unless you have a garbage disposal, food should never be put in the drain. Even small pieces of food can cause a clog. Before you wash your dishes or before you rinse them to put them in the dishwasher, you should scrape any remaining food out in the trash. To prevent food from accidentally going down the drain, you should use a drain strainer. This will allow water to flow freely down the drain, but will hold any food that ends up in the sink.


Grease is one of your drain’s biggest enemies. It takes just one time of pouring excess grease from meat down the drain for the pipes to become clogged. After cooking meat, you should pour the excess grease in a coffee can. Keep using the can until it is full, and then throw the can away.

Oil is another of your drain’s enemies. You may think that the oil will go down the drain because it is liquid, however, it will build up in the pipes, creating a serious blockage. If you are cooking in oil, you should pour the excess oil in the same container that you are pouring your grease in.


The only paper that should be going down the toilet is toilet paper. It is a good idea to be careful about how much you use. If you flush large clumps, they can end up clogging the drain. You should never flush paper towels, baby wipes, hand wipes, or tissues down the drain. These products are not biodegradable, and can clog the toilet.

Foreign Objects

Anyone who has small children knows that they love to flush their toys, wash cloths, even their leftover snacks down the toilet. These can create a serious clog in the pipes. Often times, the object can become completely lodged in the pipes, where the only way to remove it is to take out the entire toilet. This is a complicated and expensive job. If you have small children, you should put a childproof lock on the toilet seat so your child cannot throw anything in it.

A clear drain makes for a happy homeowner. As long as you take the proper precautions and avoid putting certain things down the drain, the water should have no problem flowing freely down the drain and out of your home.

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