Calgary Plumbing: Is It Time for Your Home’s Annual Plumbing Checkup?

Calgary Plumbing: Is It Time for Your Home’s Annual Plumbing Checkup?

Repairs to your home’s plumbing system can really take a big bite out of your budget. Every homeowner must take steps to ensure that their plumbing system is in working order so that they can stave off costly repairs. Nothing is more frustrating than a backed up sewer line, leaking pipe, or low water pressure. But detecting a problem with your home’s plumbing early on can save you a lot of money as opposed to waiting until an all-out disaster occurs, like a backed up sewage line that has flooded your entire basement. To keep the plumbing in your home up to par and running efficiently and smoothly, you should perform an annual plumbing checkup.

Visual Inspection

When doing your annual plumbing checkup, you should perform a visual inspection of your plumbing fixtures, including the kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilet, washer, shower and shower valves, and so on. Make certain that everything is aligned properly and that there is no visible moisture or rusting. Fixtures should be appropriately caulked and any exposed pipes should not be leaking. Connections on the fixtures should be secure and tight, and there should not be any rust or corrosion around them. The toilet should flush correctly and it should not keep running once the tank is refilled. If your toilet is still running after five minutes, this is a strong indicator that there is a slow leak in the toilet. Check the plumbing where the pipes come into your basement, and the rest of the house, including sewer pipes and water pipes. Look for cracks, leaks, drips, and odors. If you smell a foul odor, this indicates a problem with the septic or sewage system.

Water Pressure and Drains Check

It is also important to check your plumbing system’s water pressure. You can purchase a water pressure gauge for this purpose. Your water pressure should be around 30 psi (pounds per square inch). If you find that you are experiencing glow water pressure, possible causes include aerator problems, dirty shower heads or dirty faucets, a clog in the water line, or built-up sediment within the water lines from mineral deposits and so on. At the same time, check to see that all of your drains are draining appropriately; if your drains are bubbling, then you may have a serious clog and may need to call out a professional plumber. If your drains are backed up, you can always try liquid drain cleaner first. For particularly stubborn clogs, a product known as Liquid Fire can be used on the drain (check plumbing codes and manufacturer’s directions on the package prior to use) that will literally melt away whatever it is that is clogging the drain. This product is not safe for all pipes, however, so always read the complete package directions.

Check Water Heater

During your plumbing inspection, be sure to check your hot water heater. A plumber often drains the hot water heater to look for sediment on the bottom of the heater that can cause the heating elements to stop working in electric heaters, or that can damage the burner chamber in gas heaters. The flame on the gas heater should be blue; yellow flames signify that the jets are in need of cleaning or can indicate that air is mixing with gas. For this type of problem, a professional plumber will need to be called out.
Your fragile and complex plumbing system has a greater chance of being free of problems if you perform an annual plumbing checkup. If you detect a problem, working with a professional plumber who has the skills, expertise, and equipment to handle the situation can save you tons of cash on down the road and will allow your plumbing system to work at its optimal level.

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