Calgary Heating: Things to keep in mind for AC Repair

Calgary Heating: Things to keep in mind for AC Repair

You should be aware of your Air Conditioner components and their functioning prior to undertaking any kind of work for repair. This will give you a sound idea on what component may have stopped working every time there arises a heating repair issue.

There are 6 main parts of air conditioning system which you must have knowledge of before you get into repair:

  • Compressor: Basically a high pressure pump, it works at high temperatures and compresses low pressure refrigerant gas into very high pressure. It is an external component working on an electric motor.
  • Condenser: On the inside, it contains a condensing coil prepared out of finned tubing. The fan present inside blows air on this condensing coil which cools the high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas and converts it into a liquid form. This process generates tremendous heat and hence, the condenser too is located externally to draw out the heat from within the house.
  • Metering Device: This device could either be thin tubing or a thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) and consists of the temperature sensing control as well which opens/ closes this component against flow of the refrigerant. Once the high temperature, high pressure refrigerant gas transforms into a liquid, it is then dispensed into the evaporator coil/ cooling coil using this metering device and gets converted into a gas.
  • Air handler and blower unit: This combination provides a fan that circulates the air through cooling coil making it cool and also removing its humidity content.
  • Duct system: It helps in distribution of cooled air from air handler to outside and sending back the outside air to the handler.
  • Other features include circuit breakers, air filters, fuses, room thermostat, the condensate handling system and the electrical switches.

Once you understand the technical operations of each of the AC components as mentioned above, it will further help in identifying where the repair issue exactly is and how to go about it. If you still require professional assistance with your central Air Conditioning Repair  it’s just a call away, ClearView Plumbing & Heating 403 216-8439


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