The Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter will soon be getting into full swing, and we will all be retreating into our homes for warmth and protection from the frozen weather outside. As soon as those temperatures make their way under freezing we will start to notice that they cause a lot more problems than just icy roads and frozen hands. Here are the most common winter plumbing problems that we experience in Calgary.

Frozen pipes

This is perhaps the most obvious one on the list. If you begin to notice poor water flow when you turn on taps or frost built up on the pipes outside, then you could have frozen pipes. Leave a trickle of water running to prevent further freezing and call the pros out immediately to inspect. Don’t let it go too long.

Water line breaks

Freezing from connected hoses or other sources of water could lead to a build-up in pressure within your water lines. If this gets too high, then you could suffer from a water line break. This could be devastating. Use your water shutoff valve to drain water from the pipe, and make sure all of your hoses are disconnected once the weather turns cold.

Hot water issues

Because you are going to be relying on heat so much more in the winter, it is common for homes to encounter hot water issues. This is not only due to the increased use, but also to the decrease in temperature outside. It is a common problem all year round, but is far more important in the winter. Make sure to get preventative maintenance performed during a check-up before the winter starts as this is the best way to prevent problems. Check your thermostat to see if it is set properly, try rebooting the heater – and if those don’t work, call the pros out before you freeze up!

If you encounter any of these most common winter plumbing issues, you need to call an experienced plumbing team to have the issue resolved quickly and effectively.

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