Calgary Plumbing: The Facts About Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Calgary Plumbing: The Facts About Trenchless Pipe Repairs

A trenchless pipe repair procedure mainly involves replacement of underground pipes without having to dig up the a large portion of your yard. It is particularly useful in pipe replacement cases wherein there are leaks in the pipe joints or they have been installed poorly in the first place. Leaking, caved-in or broken pipes too can be replaced easily with this procedure.

Trenchless pipe repair needs digging of only two small bore holes, one at the starting point of the problematic pipe and the other at the other end of it. After that, a pipe bursting machine is lowered inside the pipe which bursts the old pipe while dragging in the new pipe behind it at the same time.

This method of pipe replacement has several benefits associated with it, the biggest one being no need for the ground to be dug up for easy access to pipes. This saves the homeowner and neighboring homes from unnecessary inconvenience.

Further, you will not have to dig out any driveways, lawns or trees to complete the process. The procedure is great from the safety perspective too as it causes no danger to the electrical, water or gas lines underneath the ground surface.

By adopting this method of pipe repair, the faulty pipe can be comprehensively replaced in a matter of less than a day’s time. The traditional method of digging trenches with machines takes much longer (sometimes many days) than this new procedure.

Talking more about the traditional ways, they often involve the usage of pneumatic equipment which are known to be very noisy. The irritation caused by these noises can make it extremely difficult for the people to stay in their homes while the whole task is being carried out.

If you are contemplating pipe replacement outside your home or business, trenchless pipe repair is the way to go. If you are located anywhere in Calgary, there is no better company than ClearView Plumbing & Heating to offer solutions for your pipes.

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