Calgary Plumbing: Calgary Sun’s Recent Story Proves That Some Companies Are Hiring People You Wouldn’t Want Within Ten Miles Of Your Home

I’ve Warned Calgary Homeowners for Years About Hiring Contractors With Low Standards… And An Accused Sexual Predator Out On Bail Just Made My Point For Me.

The Paper Just Ran An Article About An Accused Rapist Working As A Technician In Calgary

On November 21st The Calgary Sun ran a story about a man named James Alexander Parent who is suspected of committing rape. He’s now out on bail, working as a home service technician.

I am sure that this story is not the only case in which people that should not be trusted are getting hired out there by companies that don’t take your personal safety seriously.

There Have Been Many People That We Were Serious About Hiring That Ended Up Having A “Rap Sheet” Including Theft And Felonies

We knew we made the right decision to take these extra steps after we started the process. When we started looking for new employees, we would eliminate many of them because we knew they didn’t have the ability to meet our standards. Then, with the remaining prospects, we would conduct further interviews. We would be looking for characteristics that were important to us – like:

  • Are they professional and courteous?
  • Are they certified plumbing/HVAC technicians?
  • Will they be polite and professional?
  • Do they have the desire to go the extra mile for our customers?
  • Do they care about doing the job “by the book” so they can keep ClearView’s high standards?

Then, if the applicant seemed to meet all these criteria, we’d get serious about hiring them. We’d say, “We just need to perform a background check and a drug test before we move ahead” … and guess what? On many occasions, we’ve found that these applicants had legal records including theft, drug use, and even far more serious crimes.

Years ago we decided that we were gong to go ahead and perform thorough drug and background checks on all the people we were thinking of hiring. Yes, it would be more expensive for us to screen potential employees, and yes, it would require that we do a much more thorough hiring and training process than others in the plumbing and heating and industry, but we realized that we could not in good conscience send someone into your home that hadn’t passed these basic tests.

You Can’t Judge A Technician Solely On Whether Or Not They Seem Nice Or Trustworthy

We have been very surprised by some of the people we’ve turned away – we’d never have guessed that these characters wouldn’t pass our background checks. Many of them have seemed to us that they would have made great employees. They were polite and seemed professional… and only when we ran our checks did we realize the truth about them.

We Take Extra Steps To Screen Potential Employees For Your Safety

Let me say up front that there are a lot of reputable professionals in Calgary. There are several of my competitors that are honest and, as far as I know, they run their businesses with integrity and your best interest in mind.

But we know that others have hired the people that we’ve turned away. They could not pass these basic tests, and now they’re working somewhere no doubt with an employee badge and a name and logo on their shirt.

We’ve Put The Word Out… Don’t Even Try To Work At ClearView if You Can’t Pass A Background Check!

Just another reason to trust ClearView. We not only do the job right…. We send the right people for the job!

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You can reach us any time at 403-220-0090.

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