Upgrade Your HVAC System with a Whole House Humidifier

One of the best upgrades to your HVAC system is the whole house humidifier, and this is particularly true if you worry about the quality of your indoor air, or if someone in the home suffers from allergies. A whole house humidification system will not only reduce the number of colds and flu that your family experiences each winter, but it will also help to extend to the life of your expensive furniture and hardwood flooring, by keeping the level of humidity within the home within the healthy range of 35 – 50%. Your HVAC specialist can help you select the right system for your home.

Types of Whole House Humidifiers

The whole house humidifier can provide benefits well beyond that of a traditional humidifier because it is attached to your existing heating/cooling system. This humidification system will regulate the humidity of the entire home continually by adding moisture via the HVAC system when the furnace or air conditioner comes on. There are three basic types of humidification systems for the home, each of them differing in the manner that they work to add moisture. These systems are:

  • Drum-style whole house humidifier. This type of humidifier has a foam or fabric belt that spins on a drum that rests atop a water reservoir. The belt has a wick that draws moisture from the reservoir, and as air is blown over the drum, the moisture starts to evaporate and is carried into the home via the HVAC system. This is the most cost-efficient type of whole house system for humidification.
  • Flow-through-style whole house humidifier. This system works by dripping water through a foam or aluminum pad. The air from the furnace or air conditioner then blows through the pad, picking up moisture and dispersing it throughout the home’s vents.
  • Spray-mist whole house humidifier. The spray-mist system of whole house humidification, as the name suggests, emits a fine mist into your home’s ductwork when the furnace or air conditioner is being used. This is the easiest ot maintain of the three systems.

Installation of a Whole House Humidifier

Once you have selected the type of humidification system that you want to install in the home, there are some considerations to be made. To start with, make sure that the humidification system is going to be installed in a location in the home where the temperature never falls below “freezing” during the cold months of the year. Humidifiers and extreme cold do not go well together because the cold can cause the water in the humidification system to freeze, causing burst pipes, seals, and joints that can be expensive to repair. Also, you want to select a whole house humidifier that is big enough to adequately humidify your home. Work with a certified HVAC technician to determine the size and the type of humidification system that will work best in your home, based on things like your home’s square footage, among other things.

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