Calgary Plumbing: Take Care of Small House Plumbing Problems Yourself

Calgary Plumbing: Take Care of Small House Plumbing Problems Yourself

Most of the homeowners are not unaware of common plumbing problems. Although help from a professional plumber is always welcome, not opting to call a plumber for certain small issues is understandable. The plumbing systems in your home contribute a lot to the overall comfort provided by them. Small issues such as clogged drains and leaky faucets can snowball into major problems if not attended to in time. Following are some common tips to tackle common plumbing problems yourself.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Plumbing

As the pipes in bathrooms and kitchen are easily accessible and have ample space for work available, these are ideal places for your DIY plumbing initiatives. Taking care of small plumbing issues on your own can save you a lot of money sometimes.

A worn “o” ring, spring or washer which often results in leaks is not difficult to replace. The tools required to replace/repair these parts are commonly available in most households. In case you are a complete novice, check the brand name of the faulty part and take a picture of the handles and faucet to a home improvement center. This will ensure that you return home with correct parts that fit into your sink perfectly. Please do not forget to turn off the valves under the sink prior to removing any fixtures.

Water flow in the home’s plumbing system can get blocked in different ways. A blocked drain in kitchen or bathroom sink is often due to a clogged pipe. The pipe under the sink normally has an “elbow” to trap any debris or objects. It is also the most common point for clog formation. Your first step to remove such clogs should be with the help of chemical drain cleaners. In case they don’t help, it will be best to remove the elbow and clean it on your own. Do not forget to put a pan under underneath to prevent the water from spilling out on to the floor.

Any time that you feel little uncertain about any part or process, please do not proceed and put the plumbing system in danger. Call us at ClearView Plumbing & Heating immediately and we’ll get there and offer you with cost effective solutions!


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