Calgary Heating: Switch off your appliances to save money

Calgary Heating: Switch off your appliances to save money

One of the simplest methods of saving energy is by preventing its misuse. It does not require a lot of time or effort and cuts your electricity bills significantly. All it demands is making simple habits like switching off electrical appliances after use.

Many of us tend to leave appliances like televisions on stand by and think that we have turned them off, when in reality the appliance in consuming more than 80% of energy it would have if it was on.

One of the major components of energy consumption is lighting the house. Conventional bulbs consume a lot more electricity than energy saving bulbs. These highly efficient bulbs work on the same principle as fluorescent lights with a coating that glows when electricity is passed through the tube. They might seem like an expensive option but they prove to be more profitable in long run, both in terms of energy savings as well as longer life. Their life is almost 10 times longer than a conventional bulb, and their energy consumption is as much as 4 times lesser.

Another method of saving electricity is to switch to solar lighting and heating systems. These appliances are charged using solar energy during the day and can be conveniently used throughout the day. Another way of using sunlight to reduce electricity usage is to dry clothes in the sun rather than in an electric dryer. You can also reduce your heating needs by increasing the amount of sunlight that comes in your house. This can be done by keeping the windows clean and use material that helps in trapping heat.

Technical equipment like computers and printers also add a lot to your energy bills. You should always keep the printer switched off when it is not being used. Some printers can consume more than 600 watts, which is as much power as needed to run a small microwave.

You might also have a habit of leaving your computer on standby because you don’t want to reboot it frequently. But if you would be using it after more than an hour then you should shut it down. A computer on standby mode can consume as much energy in one hour as a 14 watt bulb would do in one day.


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