Summer Air-conditioning Checkup Tips

Weather forecasters say the coming weeks are going to be extremely hot and humid. So how can you help your air-conditioning unit keep up with the heat to keep you comfortable in your home?

If your air conditioning unit is under performing, it may not be the equipment’s fault. Leaky duct work, poor insulation levels and air leaks in the home’s envelope all contribute to comfort issues.

Here is a checklist of things you should take a look at:

Is the filter clean? Take a look and change it or clean it if you even think it’s dirty. Dirty filters will reduce your air conditioner unit’s efficiency. A dirty filter will slow air flow and make your unit work harder than it needs to, resulting in a high energy bill. Change your filters more frequently during high cooling season for central and window units or clean them if you have the washable type.

Close your curtains, shades or blinds: Keeping the sunshine out will help keep the rooms as cool as possible.

Do not block supply registers or returns: The key to comfort is to keep the air flowing. Move furniture around so that you are not blocking any supply or return registers.

Use ceiling fans and/or box fans: Even warmer air feels cooler if it’s moving.

Check the outdoor unit: Be sure it’s free of grass clippings, leaves, pet hair and other things. If the fins are plugged up, carefully brush them off. You can also carefully wash them with your garden hose. Don’t spray too much water into the unit, it could damage it.

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