Calgary Plumbing: Simple Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

Calgary Plumbing Tips: Simple Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

Calgary Plumbing Tips: Simple Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

Lack of sufficient supply of water is rapidly becoming a global issue. It seems to be in the new more frequent, than one can remember.  People all over the world are inventing various types of water conservation procedures in order to tackle the worsening water supply woes. As a start, you can begin conserving water at your home itself and benefit the whole community too in the process. You can effectively reduce your water consumption by as much as 35% by adopting certain methods. Some of those are:

Water Conservation Tip #1:

One way saving water at home is by making sure that all the pipes and faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms do not have any sort of leakage and are in perfect working condition. If you look closely, such leakages can cause hundreds of gallons of water wastage.

Water Conservation Tip #2:

Every time you use the flush in your toilet, at least 5-7 gallons of water is wasted. All this wastage can be cut down by stopping the use of flush as an ashtray or a wastebasket.

Water Conservation Tip #3:

Toilet leaks often go undetected and are one of the main culprits of water wastage. You can check the leakages in toilet by adding some color to the toilet’s tank and then observing the color in the toilet bowl, say after about half an hour.

The presence of color in the toilet bowl will indicate leakage and will require immediate repair work. Although you might have to replace some parts, since they are normally not very expensive, it will be money well spent and will pay off in the long run.

Water Conservation Tip #4:

You can also monitor the water leakages by keeping a track of your home’s water meter. The reading in water meter should remain constant if no water is being used anywhere in the home. Any change in the water meter reading despite no water usage will indicate leakages.

Water Conservation Tip #5:

You must install faucets and showerheads that have low water flow and the faucets must be fitted with aerators.

Water Conservation Tip #6:

It is advisable to replace all the flushes with the models that have ultra low volume flush, in which only about 6 liters of water is used per flush.

Water Conservation Tip #7:

Insulating the water pipes in your home with pre-silt foam can help in saving energy and water needed for heating purposes.

Other Water Conservation Tips:

Other day-to-day common measures like turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, employing dishwasher and washing machines for full load washes, taking shorter showers, shaving with stored water rather than running water etc. can contribute significantly to your efforts to conserve water.

Coming to your lawns and gardens, you can plant drought resistant shrubs and plants to make sure that they do not require huge amounts of water supply for their maintenance.

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